[RAMBLES] Tablo & Patreon

Last year, I joined Patreon at the suggestion of one of my old deviantART watchers. I’ve heard of it a few times and liked the concept, but I never really thought of joining until then. I also ended up joining Tablo last year, which is a website that you can publish your stories digitally (for free, I believe), including as you write them. I really liked the idea of Tablo as well, especially since my current plan is when I start releasing stories, I would like to offer them for free, in addition to being available for purchase. It seems like a great place to do that.

Since then, my Patreon has stayed at only one patron and my Tablo account has stayed as dead as making a new account. The lack of activity is probably expected, as I don’t post frequently on Patreon and have nothing yet on Tablo. Every time I visit both pages, they stare at me as if they’re mocking me. They are telling me they’re waiting, while hiding their irritation. They want me to be active.

I can’t be active right now though. If I was to pursue making both of those pages active, I would have to sacrifice my goals of this year. Considering my goals from this year are ones that reach back all the way to when I was 11, I would like to try and get ’em done or at least further than they are now.

Despite this lingering feeling of guilt about inactive pages of mine, I am extremely excited for the potential of both websites! I actually think it’s because of that potential and not taking advantage of it right now is causing a sense of guilt in me.

Patreon allows me to make money just by posting stuff I create that I wanted to create, as long as people contribute.

Tablo publishes my stories, either as I write them or when I post them. It can reach people.

Both of these websites I feel are great for creators (all creator and writers, respectively) and I want to jump on them and begin to achieve some of my other dreams that have been lingering inside of me.

Okay, no, I don’t expect to have people right away. Probably much like my deviantART, I’m going to have to wait several years before I start seeing even the tiniest shred of a following. I feel like once I start being active on both sites, I will definitely see the tiniest shred of a following within several years. (I’m probably wrong though, ’cause I suck at everything.)

On Patreon, I am hoping to post a bit of everything that I do — some artwork, some writing, maybe some other things I haven’t thought of yet. I’m sure some people probably would think not having a focus is a bad idea, but honestly…it’s just a reflection of who I am. And if people get interested in me, that’s awesome. If not, that’s okay too. I just feel like if I just focused on one thing (most likely artwork), I’d be missing out on other opportunities for myself.

Tablo will, probably obviously, be focused on stories. Everything I post on their will be original stories, with not a fanfiction in sight. I like the idea of potentially growing an audience for my writing. Even more so, I LOVE the idea that I have another place I can offer my writing for free to go along with my “free or buy” idea I have for my stories (which probably will end up scrapped at some point, but meh…still want to go with it at least for the first few books that currently don’t exist — I bez a dreamah).

As I more or less mentioned before, both sites are reminding me of some of the other dreams I have and I think if I take advantage of both platforms, I will be on the way to achieving them in some form.

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