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TrainerKelly (Kelly Mulry) • 06/2022

[ARTWORK] Seaborn with a Squid

[ARTWORK] Seaborn with a Squid

trainerkellyOct 16, 20201 min read

Just like many of the other pieces I have previously mentioned, I drew three pieces, people picked one out of a poll, and the winning piece (this one) became a print that I sold at conventions. And just like those…

[ARTWORK] Cian’s Depression

[ARTWORK] Cian’s Depression

trainerkellyOct 14, 20202 min read

Before I had a little blurb for each character I had a print of, Cian was my most popular male character. Something about his design must have resonated with people. I found though once I put a blurb, Carwyn become…

[BEHIND THE SCENES] What Have I Been Working On?

[BEHIND THE SCENES] What Have I Been Working On?

trainerkellyOct 13, 20209 min read

As I ask myself that question, I freeze. What HAVE I worked on? When I talk about what I worked on, where do I start? Artwork? Stories? What? How far back do I go? Over the past few years, I…

[ARTWORK] Victorina Under an Apple Tree

[ARTWORK] Victorina Under an Apple Tree

trainerkellyOct 12, 20201 min read

This was the winning illustration for Victorina out of a set of 3. I’m glad that this won, primarily because it best suits this quirky vamp. Victorina is passionate about three things: vampires, plants (and I suppose fungi for that…

[ARTWORK] Carwyn Sitting on a Throne

[ARTWORK] Carwyn Sitting on a Throne

trainerkellyOct 11, 20202 min read

One of three potential pieces done of Carwyn for prints. This is one of the ones that lost to “Carwyn’s Heart”. While I think “Carwyn’s Heart” is 100% the better choice, I still love this particular piece nonetheless. I think…

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