[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 09-27-2021 to 10-02-2021


Exhausted Self (2021)

I felt crappy for most of the week…well, technically, I still feel crappy now. I found myself suddenly slow down to a halt sometime last week and found myself doing older habits of procrastination. I wonder if the way to describe it is that I’m burnt out from trying to relax myself, knowing I relax the most after I get my own work done. But I dunno. 🤷

On Thursdays, 09/30/2021, I DID lift out of it enough to start doing some work that I’ve been delaying.

UPCOMING: More Artwork Rambles

I realized upon looking over my social media posts that I’ve been making on my personal accounts, namely my personal Twitter and my personal Instagram. Lots of artwork posts and me reinforcing I have art commissions now open, which I’ll talk more about in a bit.

The upcoming artwork rambles are mostly pieces you’ve already seen, but I talk about them a bit more in-depth when I have something to say. You get to see the full pieces, plus some of the steps that went into it like the initial thumbnail doodle to everything else.

There are a few pieces you haven’t seen yet or only from far away/at an angle, so I’m excited to present those to you soon!

UPCOMING: Another Sketch Dump

I did quite a few sketches in September and I am looking to post them on Monday. Some things are completely sketched, while other things are a work in progress I am going to be returning to. I plan coloring some of them too…properly.

By properly, I mean in my Painted Dreams style, rather than the digital watercolor I use to quickly color stuff, haha.


Okay, so, technically, art commissions have been open the entire time, but I only just started to promote them. I’ve been wanting to return to them for over a year now and I feel both excited and relaxed at the same time.

Full color pieces start at $150 for a single character with no background or single colored background. You can check out more information on the website.

I do anime selfies, plus normal commissions. But I mostly enjoy anime selfies and drawing your original/fan characters!

INCHED: Untitled Bedelia’s Story 1

I barely wrote anything. 🙃 I wrote like 3 sentences.

I only wrote 3 sentences for some photos anyway.

PHOTOS: Of Myself

I did a bit of a photo shoot with myself in order to have some for my content. My hair is off, but I realize it’s the cut and I need to fix it. It’s been a while since I cut my hair myself (Hurricane normally does it, but I only let him do it because he’s complained too often that I “cut it too short”), so maybe I will do that. However, I think the pictures do the job I was looking to do.

I decided to go for my usual “Creator” look, although I do anticipate doing my “Queen” look soon.

There are a total of 395 photos.

My main motivation is definitely the anime selfies, I have to say! I wanted to draw more pieces to show people what I do.

What Else?

Myself (Photo) Thinking

I have lots of ideas, like writing about why I’m returning to art commissions, some thoughts on my own hard stops (I’m starting to think they’re not burn out, but something else), and some super cool behind the scenes posts for my stories, but I haven’t written them yet. I haven’t even put them down anywhere. I’m doing other things…maybe I would. I’m scared to put them down because some part of me thinks it’ll hurt and I’ll be a disappointment to myself, but hey me, I’m not going to be. I’m going to succeed and it’ll be AWESOME.

The first unedited rough draft of “The Princess & the Servant Boy” is now up for reading. So you can check that out too!


Art Commissions by Kelly Mulry Advertisement – Anime Selfies in Full Color start at $150 (USD)!

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