[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 09-16-2021

WHY: Two Updates

One update is from September 15th and the other is from September 16th. They’re being posted now because I just didn’t feel like doing them earlier. But…at least they’re here now!!

TWEAKS: Upcoming Homepage Additions

The new homepage is launching on Monday, along with a SUPER big announcement that I’m excited for (more on that in a minute).

I made a few tweaks, particularly I swapped out or removed mentions of the Podcasts. For places where it was swapped out, I replaced it with the newsletter. The podcast IS coming, but it’s going to be a while longer, since I’m not 100% sure on the direction yet and I can feel myself holding back a bit more.

Screenshot of homepage that will be uploaded on September 20th, 2021.

In addition to the tweaks, I also finally added my Trainee Shout-out section, so for all you trainees who contribute to me monthly, I’ve put your name down on there. Which is…currently just a single person. So I’ll shout him out here too. THANKS DANIEL LHOTA!

Screenshot of Trainee Shoutout section on the hompage that will be released on September 20th.

I also added a section for Google ads at the bottom of the page.

There’s additional tweaks too, but I’m not going to share those for now…you’ll see it on Monday.

UPCOMING: A Big Announcement on Monday

I’m not going to reveal the announcement until Monday, but I will give you a hint: you can actually see what it is now if you know where to look. 😉

Since the announcement is coming, I took the time to do some cleaning across my site and platforms that I’m present on where I needed to tidy up regarding the announcement. I also worked on the accompanying ramble, which will be done and scheduled, along with social media stuffs.

I’m so excited that I start tearing up because I’m just so excited!! I don’t even know what will come of it…I’m just excited!!

I may still need to comb over different parts of my network for lingering references (minus old rambles), but other than that…I’m pretty close to being done, maybe?? I think?

UPLOADED, BUT BROKEN: Art Commissions Site

Screenshot of art commissions website. You can access it now, even though it is not finished.

I’m looking to launch my art commissions on Monday. I have uploaded the site in its current broken state. There’s still a lot of work I’m doing to it – I need to rearrange the sections, correct links, correct some information in the Q&A section, add artwork (definitely add artwork). I’m looking to have art commissions properly reopened on Monday alongside the big announcement.

If the website is so broken, why did I upload it?

Because I wanted to make sure I was linking the correct URL in my upcoming announcement post.

That’s all.

So, you can check it out now.

Commissions are definitely still open.

Pricing information and the rules/guidelines are correct. You can actually contact me now to order a commission, if you want. Just use one of my social media sites or even my Discord to start the order!


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