[FOOD] What Have I Eaten? #1

For the month of Veganuary — and, who knows, maybe even beyond — I will be posting not just recipes, but also summaries of food I have eaten in the past. I will link to recipes if they are based off of what someone else has done or give you the basic gist of what I actually had done to make the food.

I hope the food I post in these posts help you in Veganuary and beyond!

3-Ingredient Veggie Burger

Starting with the most recent food that wasn’t made in 2017 as of yet, I am showing you guys this surprisingly delicious veggie burger that is only oat flour (homemade at that), a can of red kidney beans, and some pasta sauce (!!). I found the recipe in CheapLazyVegan’s Vegan Food Hack video.

I would have NEVER would have ever thought that throwing pasta sauce in with kidney beans and oat flour would have made an AMAZINGLY TASTY veggie burger. Pasta sauce with anything but pasta, pizza, or dipping some sort of breaded deliciousness just seems odd to me. Not in this burger though!

I topped it with lettuce, a slice of tomato, and a slice of onion, along with some Dijon mustard and ketchup. Oh, and pickles. I served it with a side of delicious crinkle fries that satisfied my craving of potatoes I was having for the last week or so of December.

I’ll admit, I don’t normally eat this much. I’ve been stress eating since November. I’m not sure if it’s the holidays, the upcoming conventions, the election, or a combination of everything, but even as I type this, I can feel a subtle layer of stress inside of me.


I even had it a second day in a row with the left over patties, although without the onion and the tomato.

Next time I make these, I’ll certainly just stick to one patty and have the rest over the next couple of days.

Regardless of how many I eat, they are YUM.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner for 2016 was a “favourite foods” day for me. A nice big bowl of pasta with my delicious sauce that I haven’t had in for who knows how long, some potato salad with Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo, a side of salad with my favourite veggies, and some breaded heart-of-palm sticks.

I had plenty of heart-of-palm sticks and salad leftover by the time I was done eating, as well as the potato salad.

Tofu Scramble with Potatoes

You can find the recipe for this delicious breakfast dish here.

Although the recipe I wrote up does not show the baked beans, I have been included a side of vegetarian baked beans and some vegan sausage patties, inspired by a video by CheapLazyVegan.

I tend to not eat tofu scramble too much in general because it IS heavy. It’s probably made even heavier by the baked beans and the veggie sausage. However, if there is a reason to make it, such as a special day or a day I don’t think I will be eating for a little while, then, sure, why not eat some delicious tofu scramble?

Japanese/Korean Curry

The recipe for this is also a CheapLazyVegan video. I think by now, we all understand she’s probably my favourite YouTuber for vegan recipes because her channel really does live up to its name.

I personally never had curry before, but this dish was DELICIOUS. Although, I think it was really rice with vegetables and a sauce by the time I was done with it.

I DID make too much, so I ended up saving most of it. I think I had enough for three or four days.

Cheezy 3-Layered Dip

It was Thanksgiving and I tried a jarred salsa for the first time in a long time. I enjoyed it much more than I remembered (which was not at all). It also instantly stirred up memories of using jarred salsa in a layered dip consisting of a bottom of cream cheese, a middle of salsa, and a top of cheese.

Of course, begin vegan, I couldn’t do that any more.

Or…could I?

Enter in perhaps the most highly processed dish I probably have eaten in a while besides from candy, my Vegan 3-Layer dip:

Bottom Layer: Tofutti Cream Cheese (with some lemon)

Middle Layer: Tostitos Salsa

Top Layer: Daiya Cheddar Shreds

I found the final product to be…acceptable. While the Tofutti Cream Cheese and the Tostitos Salsa was fine, the plastic-like taste of Daiya really shined through in this dish. While I could tolerate it and it worked for what I wanted, I think making homemade vegan cheddar cheese would have been better.

If you need something lazy though, oh man, this works. This really does work.

Butternut Mac and Some Breadsticks

I tried to make Butternut Mac for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t make enough sauce. I had plenty of butternut squash leftover though, so I doubled up the recipe and made deliciously creamy Butternut Mac. It is SO worth it. It’s one of the reasons I bought cashews in the first place.

I think my favourite part of it was the tangy flavour added by the Dijon mustard. I’m fairly certain this will be a go-to recipe for years to come when I want something that resembles Mac & Cheese a lot more than my own Sweet Potato Sauce recipe.

My breadsticks, on the other hand, came out of craving breaksticks really badly. I used some store-bought, vegan-friendly pizza dough and brushed them with an almond meal/nutritional yeast/garlic powder/onion powder (I think)/salt/olive oil mix that turned out beautifully.

If you’re anything like me and crave breadsticks while eating vegan, I HIGHLY recommend these.

And for now, this post is done. Check back tomorrow for some additional examples of food I have eaten in the past!

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