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Hello, everyone! How are you today! If you read my last post, I missed my first and second deadline for my comics and then realized I didn’t have to release them quite yet, but rather just keep working on everything else!

With that in mind, I want to discuss with you what is going on and what the plan is.

Original Plans

My original-original plan was to take 4 comics I had written and draw them up for a first-week-of-December release date. I was going to have every page of every comic done.

When it became apparent that getting every comic page done for 4 comics would not realistically happen at the time I started it, I decided to crunch the goal down to something more realistic: 12 pages/strips of each comic. Yes, I know that is 48 pages/strips, but that’s a lot more realistic than doing probably a few hundred pages.

Then I got sick.

So, my plans changed once again: get the two 4-panel comics completed first. Update the website, get them ready for posting, and continue working on the other two comics. And have them done no later than the first full week of December.

Once I missed the deadline, but completed the second 4-panel comic’s 12 strips, I moved onto the website…and then it became apparent that I was shorting myself, again.

History of Shorting Myself

The first time I shorted myself was in 2013. I had spent two years colouring a whole bunch of pictures that I was excited to share with people. I asked people what they wanted to see. I was originally going to do once a week, but the only person to respond said I should do it 3-times-a-week, so I did it!

I ran out of artwork faster than I anticipated doing that. I wanted to drag my artwork posting out long enough to get other projects completed.

That was my fault though — I shouldn’t have taken the suggestion just because I was looking for suggestions.

The second time was with my two 1-panel comic series, Fairy Glimpse and Naitmarish Glimpse. I asked for suggestions from a trusted friend who recommended I post them both on the same day, but one in the AM and one in the PM. I thought that was a GREAT IDEA!

But then…I shorted myself. Again. By doing that.

And again, it’s my fault — I took the suggestion because someone said it to me, acting as if they have authority.

For both of them, I only wanted to post once a week. In fact, the two 1-panel comics were originally going to alternate! That would have taken lots of pressure off of me, but because I have trouble being my own authority figure, other peoples’ suggestions often override my own.

And, just to repeat: this is MY FAULT! I had ASKED for suggestions. It is NOT the fault of people who suggested them!

Okay, good. We got that cleared.

Risk of Shorting Myself Again

I honestly have been feeling around to figure out what is right for my comics V.S. putting out content for the sake of putting out content. As of writing this, I will short myself, even if I go forward with the plan I figured out.

Two comics with 12 strips each is not enough to move forward with. Even if I post them on alternating weeks, it is still too short on time. That is only 6 months. My aim is to have at least a year and a half’s worth of content.

I’m trying to rush pushing them out to have people establish connections with my characters and start buying merchandise, which is wrong. The merchandise is there for when people foster these connections, not for forcing connections just to sell stuff.

I have thought of asking peoples’ opinons, but if the past is any indicator, I will take the suggestions without thinking them through and will end up shorting myself again.

So, I’m not going to take suggestions this time. I’m not going to short myself. And I’m going to go forward with my plans…

…speaking of which, what exactly ARE my plans?

On the Current Project Planner

I am going with my second original plan: 4 comics with 12 pages/strips each will be completed. Once that set is done, they will be temporarily put aside in order to update MAKE ME A MODELNaitmarish Glimpse, and Fairy Glimpse, my original 3 comics.

Naitmarish Glimpse and Fairy Glimpse will be updated to my new comic colouring/screentoning style, but will use their traditionally-drawn artwork up until the new panels.

Naitmarish Glimpse will be revived with new comics after the updates are completed. Fairy Glimpse is going on an indefinite hiatus and will be brought back when appropriate. It will be replace by a new series.

Due to no longer having Patreon, Instagram & TrainerKelly’s Network will get first releases instead and the 1-panel comics will be released on multiple websites.

I will NOT be posting the updated versions on Instagram, but instead on TrainerKelly’s Network and other websites.

MAKE ME A MODEL will be updated to my new comic style in general, minus the first 3 pages and the cover, which are in full colour. The new comic style includes digital watercolour converted to screentone and more fluid, sketch-like lines (I’ll explain why I changed it to this in another post at a later date).

Once the first 24 pages of MAKE ME A MODEL are updated, then I will go ahead and do the next 12 pages.

MAKE ME A MODEL will roll out the changes to the comic on TrainerKelly’s Network at the same time, but will post the updated pages on other websites one-by-one.

Once the updates to the previous comics are completed and the next set of 12 pages/strips/panels are completed for each comic, I will re-evaluate if it is time to upload them or not.

All comics will be posted every other week (i.e. every two weeks) and will alternate with another comic.

Example: Naitmarians’ Day posts on Week 1, Fairies’ Day posts on Week 2, etc.

I will also be writing short stories at the time, which are crucial for the main storyline. Whether or not they roll out with the comics is dependent on how much I get done, how much is edited, and if it’s ready-ready.

Ideally, comics will be rolled out after 52 to 104 pages are completed, but I will have to wait and see. I will take less if that is right for me and the comics, but I want to ensure I have a steady stream of content.

Too Long; Didn’t Read (i.e. Summary of Planner)

  • Once all 4 comics with 12 pages/strips each are completed, they will be put aside to work on previous series;
  • Both Glimpse series are having a colouring/screentone update;
  • Naitmarish Glimpse will be continuing;
  • Fairy Glimpse is on an indefinite hiatus and will be replaced by another series;
  • The Glimpse series will be posted on TrainerKelly’s Network and Instagram first and other places later because I no longer have/use Patreon.
  • MAKE ME A MODEL will be updated fully to my new comic style, minus the first 3 pages and the cover;
  • Naitmarish Glimpse and MAKE ME A MODEL will have, at minimum, an additional 12 pages/strips/panels completed;
  • All comics will be posted every two weeks, on alternating days;
  • I’m aiming to also release short stories;
  • I really want to have 52 to 104 pages completed, but I will take less if they are right for me and the comics;
  • My most important goal with the scheduling is to have a steady stream of content;

So, What About the Release Dates?

I cannot give you a release date because I do not know. I won’t know until later, but you can bet your butts that I will let every single one of you know that the comics will be rolling out and when.

I can’t even give you an approximation because I don’t even know that!

When I roll out the comics (and short stories), I’m not just simply rolling them out. I’m also aiming to update my website in some big ways (mainly I want a good amount of interesting content for the curious explorer). These things take time.

I’m not too happy about rolling projects over to 2018, but also believe in releasing content in a consistent manner and releasing strong content is part of my eventual success. I’m kind of sick of everything just kind of sitting there, but I will be getting it out.

If you would like updates, follow me on my social media pages listed below, sign up for my newsletter, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and follow this blog.

I’m excited to share my comics, short stories, and updates with you, but I’m definitely not ready yet for the first two.

Thank you for reading.

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