[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES ] Project Log – 05/02/2017


9:15 AM – Noticed some ickiness in the artwork I finished last night when I looked back over it, so I am fixing that now.

9:31 AM – Now that THAT is all fixed, it’s onto finishing up the Bea artwork I started shading yesterday.

10:30 AM – Making my way through the background & finishing touches!!!

10:46 AM – DONE!!! Going to add my credits/copyright and post on Patreon!! Then it’s off to eating food and filling out applications for a day job.

11:09 AM – Done! Making lunch and applying to jobs.

11:29 AM – Filled out a job app and uploaded the newest Bea picture to Patreon!

11:32 AM – checking on food now; I will be printing out my resume soon to drop off today

11:59 AM – while waiting for my food to be done, I am looking at other jobs and working on the online shop, whoooo!!!

13:37 PM – Ate pretty delicious food, got slightly side tracked, and now I am going to get ready to head on out to submit my resume and things. Oh yeah. Worked a bit on my website as well.

22:13 PM – Wow! I know I was gone for quite a while, as you can see. While I was gone I:

  • Filled out a job application;
  • Finished a job application that needed to be done at the store;
  • Went for a wonderful walk through a nature trail;
  • Went grocery shopping;
  • Made dinner;

And now, here I am. There are many things I want to do, but I’m going to work on Fairies’ Day because that still hasn’t been done today. I am exhausted today because I had originally tried to sleep longer, but kept being haunted by the idea of an unlocked door. I may go to bed soon, but I’m not sure because I am SOOOOO excited about working on TrainerKelly’s Network as a whole! There is a lot more to do and I’m just getting started!

0:21 AM – Oops…I got side tracked, oh ho ho ho…that’s okay though, I did a bit and my husband is calling me.

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