At my day job, I began making a log of almost everything I do because I seem to forget what I did and what people said more often than not. I’m still trying to adjust how I am doing that log and what is the most effective way to use it. I think I am getting there.

I thought it might be fun to do a log for TKN as well. There are so many things I am doing, so I figured…hey, why not log it too? It’ll give my blog more activity (finally!!!) and it’ll be a great way to show my progress into projects.


10:30 AM – I had a delicious, but quick vegan breakfast. It consisted of a Sweet Earth Breakfast Burrito (The Big Sur Breakfast), some baked beans by Amy’s, and some So Delicious Dairy Free yogurt. No, it’s not the most exciting breakfast, but do you know what? It’s breakfast. Normally, I like to eat a much lighter breakfast (a smoothie), but do you know? IT’S A SNOW DAY TODAY!

11:40 AM – I just finished the entry above and am now writing this one. I am about to work on Fairy Glimpse…after I pick out some of these songs from iTunes. I got a gift card for my birthday. HECK YAAAAAS.

11:59 AM – Okay, I am just starting the pictures now. Oh ho ho ho…I suck. Timer on!

12:14 AM – the bodies for #17 are drawn!! Going to do #18 next. Yes, I am drawing the bodies first. I want to see if it speeds up my production a bit…I honestly want these done by the end of this month and no later than the second full week of April!!!

12:35 PM – Bodies for #18 are drawn!

13:13 PM – Bodies are done!!! Yaaaay!!!! Okay, sweeeet. And by that, I mean for number #20. I did both #19 and #20. Heck yaaaas. Good for me, right? Hahaha…ha…

To give you guys some perspective, the 4-panel comic series I am drawing right now is Fairies’ Day and it is, currently, 36 comics total. I have 16 out 36 sketched out completely with up to #20 sketched at least partially.

I’m going to go make some lunch now. However, my plan is to do another two comics for about half an hour before switching over to filling in all the details of the characters. Maybe I’ll do more comics tonight…I don’t know. I DO want to get these done before the end of this month, after all.

There is another series as well, called Naitmarians’ Day, which is the same sort of structure, but it focuses on Naitmaric instead, so that I may give until mid-April…okay, enough about my plans.

Let me get to nomzzzz.

13:19 PM – making food!

14:01 PM – I made food! I made a rather delicious Sautéed Mushroom Sandwich, using the recipe from Guilt Free Vegan. I left off the avocado and switched the liquid amino with soy sauce. I also placed mine inside a pocket pita because the mixture vaguely reminds me of a sandwich I used to eat at D’Angelos. I’m eating with a side of Original Pringles (which, as far as I can tell, are vegan and are the only vegan Pringles).

15:12 PM – I am just getting back to drawing now. I am also watching my husband’s newest video! I’ll be working on the bodies for comics #21 and #22.

16:19 PM – I finished the bodies for #21 and #22. I feel a bit distracted from everything else, especially from video watching. I am DEFINITELY in a music mode for being productive right now. I got to move right back to working on awesome stuff! Whoot! On to the details!!!

0:19 AM – …ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha Hi you guys, it has flipped over to Wednesday, March 15th! I am still working! I did succeed, just in case you were wondering, in completing all the comics I aimed to do today. They look very nice!

As of right now, I am working on a piece of artwork of Carwyn. It was more or less a doodle that I really liked. He looks cute in it. I’m looking forward to showing all of you the finished product! For now, however, he’s not going anywhere, but Patreon, for now.

…okay, maybe my website. Hopefully sooner than later.

0:54 AM – As much as I would love to continue with colouring Carwyn or any of my projects, I actually want to go to sleep/relax in bed/daydream. I came up with a good idea area that I would like to brainstorm with me.

Good night and thanks for reading!

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