[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES] Bite-Sized Update – Creative Works Version – #3

Hello, again! How is everyone doing? About a month ago, I posted an update. Just to recap:

  • I had completed the first 12 comic strips of Fairies’ Day;
  • I had sketched out 7 of 12 comic strips of Naitmarians’ Day;
  • I had a total of 4 additional scripts written (5 if you count Naitmarish Glimpse, the one-panel comic series);
  • I planned on a deadline of December 1st or the first full week of December;
  • If I did not finish for December, I would figure out an alternate release plan;
  • I decided I needed to balance myself out;
  • Buy my merch, yes? No…okay…

Comic Updates & Script Updates

Both Fairies’ Day and Naitmarians’ Day have 12 comic strips EACH completed! I would say this feels awesome, but I know there are 24 more of Fairies’ Day and a similar number for Naitmarians’ Day I would like to get done as well.

I have started on the comic version of The Birth of Death and am about halfway through the first 12 pages.

The last comic, SM, has nothing started on it beyond from the storyboards I have already done.

There are no more scripts written at this time…and that’s okay! I wasn’t planning on doing anymore until some short stories are done. I expect the majourity of scripts to be based off the short stories I write, although not all of them.


I definitely missed my first and second deadlines. I started working on the website shortly after Naitmarians’ Day’s first 12 comics strips were completed and it was nice. However, I also didn’t really feel like I needed to do the website just yet.

And that’s when it occurred to me that “complete the first two and keep working” that I kept feeling was just that. Complete the first two and keep working — no need to release them just yet!

That, of course, leaves me feeling weird.

I think I really wanted them out this month in order to try and push my shop, but naaaaah. I’m going to aim for next Christmas season to sell stuff on my shop.

So, when WILL I be releasing the projects I am working on?

I legitimately cannot tell you that, but look for a post in a few days that details it (it’s kind of like a part 1 of my 2018 Goals, but not quite). I explain what exactly I am thinking.

Balancing Me

For me, writing and drawing has been my work since I actively started doing, even though I am aware now that from the outside, that’s not how it looked. Since I started to understand that it wasn’t how it looked from the outside, I cut out anything that wasn’t considered “work” to me — from watching TV shows for leisure to studying Japanese, I cut them from my life. 2012 was truly the start of it, when I packed Japanese up in my mind and pushed my active learning aside.

There has been attempts in the past to bring them back, but I have far too much trouble doing so. I was easily swept away by my goals and the desire to not loose focus, especially on things I deemed “unnecessary.”

However, towards the end of last year, I could feel that everything I have pushed aside in pursue of my life work must come back. It must be incorporated back in. I need to stop holding myself back from things I love and enjoy. Otherwise, I risk burn out once more and I miss out on quite a lot.

Japanese is perhaps the most painful thing right now because I knew so much and now I’m so rusty. Although many times words and whatnot can come back, I can barely get out a sentence. Kanji I could easily write have slipped away and I can barely focus on the words of a song in Japanese. Despite the pain, I will get back.

I really want to be balanced, happy, and productive this year, in all aspects.

I’m looking forward to when I can sit down and contemplate on how I am going to be structuring my day so that TrainerKelly’s Network functions properly and I still get to do things I love and spend time with my husband.

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  • 2 out of 4 comics are completed (up to the 12th page/strip);
  • I missed my two deadlines and have no current deadlines; I will be explaining what is going on with my next post;
  • I haven’t balanced myself yet, but it’s a goal for 2018;
  • Buy my merchandise! If you want.

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