[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES] Bite-Sized Update – Creative Works Version – #2

It’s November (hopefully) when I am posting this up! I’m here to give you guys another update, which I am totally excited for. I think this may be the first time in my life that I have felt like I had actual updates to give all of you on a consistent basis. I plan on having that continue.

Thanks to my husband, once again, for editing my video!

If you would like to check out my previous update, go here.

Comic Scripts

I have written a total of 8 scripts. A year and a half’s worth of Naitmarish Glimpse, The Birth of Death, two comics focusing on Hadley’s thoughts, and 4 versions of the comic I am going to currently call SM. I managed to finish them all by the end of October.

From those comic scripts, I decided to pick two to work on for right now and turn into comics. For the remainder of them, I’ll do them at a bit of a later date.

I did want to write more comic scripts, but the scripts I planned on writing I realized would be better to do in a short story format first, then later convert them into a comic, just like The Birth of Death.

Comic Choices & Progress

After I finished writing the comic scripts. I picked out which comics I wanted to work on first. I narrowed it down to:

Naitmarians’ Day – 4-panel comic series focused on the citizens of Naitmaric. I am currently working on this one. 7 comic strips out of 12 are sketched. 1 comic strip is completely finished.

Fairies’ Day – 4-panel comic series focused on the citizens of Fairolk, although I am just starting with the Fairy Elemental Quartet #9. As of writing this, the first 12 comic strips are 100% complete! There are 24 remaining, but I will do those at a later time.

SM – I still won’t reveal the title juuuust yet. I did the storyboard for the first chapter (15 pages), as well as doodled the character designs for characters who either needed it or needed it to be elaborated on. I wrote 4 different scripts for this one, but have decided to go with the 3rd one. Right after I wrote the 3rd one, I knew it was the one to go with, but I wrote a 4th one anyway because I said I would.

This particular story is important simply because it’s a reference point for a bunch of other stories. The two 4-panel comics I mention above happen after this story begins, while the Glimpse series’ start before. I’ll be mentioning that for all stories to help give a timeline for them.

The Birth of Death – A comic adaption of the short story I wrote for Deathena’s entrance. The short story WILL be posted eventually, but I have decided to post the comic first. The first chapter has a completed storyboard and is 20 pages long.


Originally, I wanted to have all the comics done by December 1st, 2017, but…ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha….nope. That’s not happening. After I looked at the four comics and the amount of time I had left, I could maybe finish one, but not all four. It didn’t help either that I was sick for most of this month.

I ended up deciding to only do 12 pages/strips of each comic, allowing me to post one-a-week for three months. In between this time, I’ll be doing the next set of 12 (or whatever is left).

As first, I thought getting 48 comic pages/strips (4 comics and 12 pages/strips each) done would be difficult, but I had a lot of energy and really felt like everything WOULD be done December 1st, 2017.

As I said above, the first 12 strips of Fairies’ Day has been completed. I decided to to try and ride the wave of motivation and started working on Naitmarians’ Day. However, I could feel like I just needed two good days of rest in-between them to recharge, which I did not do. Now it’s biting me in the butt.

Now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to meet my December 1st, 2017 deadline (or the first full week of December at the latest). If I meet my deadline, I’ll be posting on here and sending out a newsletter announcing the comics. If not, I’ll announce what I am doing instead.

What am I thinking of doing instead, you might be wondering?

I have two plans in mind, assuming plan A (December 1st deadline) and plan B (end of first full week of December) don’t work.

Plan C is to release them sometime in December, whenever they are finished.

Plan D is to release them in February, ideally giving me another two months to work on comics, get more done, and iron out issues.

I’ll let you all know what I plan on doing.

I’ll admit Plan C looks more likely, but I would rather do Plan D because I have some potentially bigger plans I would like to roll out.

If you would like to sign up for my newsletter, you can find the sign up at the bottom of the page here.

Future Plans

I won’t go into details about these plans yet, simply because they are for the future and they aren’t 100% certain yet, but Make Me a Model and the Glimpse series’ are coming back.

I do need to rethink how I am doing Glimpse, only because I no longer have Patreon and it was formally an Instagram and Patron-exclusive series with later archiving on TrainerKelly’s Network.

I’ll let you guys know what exactly is going down when I get there. I don’t want to reveal anything too early and risk me not doing it. I don’t like when people do that.

Self-Care Needed

I’m really, really excited for my works to be released. Like, really excited. I am starting to zone into the main story (although you guys will be reading world building stories for quite a while). I’m excited to be releasing my works and promoting them to the world.

I am surprised by my resilience recently: I’ve been sick more than enough times for the past four months, but I bounce back. I bounce back because I have work to do. I bounce back because I am excited for my work. I bounce back because I believe in TrainerKelly’s Network and the universe(s) that I tap into. I bounce back because the work isn’t going to get done unless I do it.

However, with bouncing back, I end up pushing myself a bit too hard in some cases. (I don’t considering pushing myself while being sick to be a part of it; I noticed that most of the time when I get sick, it’s because I am delaying getting my work done (it causes stress).)

For me, I have been pushing myself a bit too hard. With the looming December 1st deadline, I really wanted to get all the comics done, plus the updates done to my website (I want to roll out more consistent, better looking layouts for all sub-domains). Due to wanting to achieve this goal, I ignored my instincts to take a 2-day break after completing Fairies’ Day and continued to work.

It has bitten me in the butt. It causes me to not sleep well, as well as angers me, and ultimately delays my goals. Trust me, I’m not happy about this.

This also makes something glaringly obvious to me: I don’t take care of myself as much as I really need to.

Some of the self-care I need to do are clichés: eat better (too much junk food in recent months simply out of convenience), exercise. However, there are other things too.

I’m either at WG (the place I go to several times a week for money; I won’t call it a job or work because I feel like that takes away focus from TKN) or I’m running TrainerKelly’s Network with nothing in-between.

I’ve imposed some pretty strict rules on myself over the years and I rarely make exceptions.

I can’t watch TV shows or movies unless I’m working on some project for TKN (specifically, when I’m working on artwork).

I can’t write Kelly’s Journey because it’s a fanfiction and takes away time from my original works.

I can’t work on Japanese because it’s a dedicated task that needs lots of time itself, therefore taking time away from my original works.

I can’t play video games except for when my body seems to specifically demand them to help relax me.

I can’t read books unless I am stuck waiting somewhere because it takes too much time from my work.

The only time I am allowed to do any of things listed above, except for Japanese (because as I said, that takes dedicated time and effort), is when my body is begging me to relax. I give it what it wants, it recharges, and it’s back to work.

I don’t think I’m alone in the mindset I have ingrained in me: I’m not allowed to relax. I must work, work, work, work, work, work, work. I must not stop. I must keep looking ahead. If you relax, you must feel guilty. Really guilty. Really, really, really guilty because YOU know you don’t deserve that!

But…why don’t we deserve that? Because we are not making lots and lots of money? Because deadlines aren’t being achieved? How can we do anything over the long run, if we don’t take care of ourselves first, including with breaks?

I realize I need to strike a balance for the sake of myself and TrainerKelly’s Network. I need to acknowledge TKN isn’t a business that I can get done in 6-months and start making bank. It’s a lifelong project — there are stories to tell and they need to get done, but they’re not going to get done if I keep crashing far too often!

I need to start allowing myself leisure time.

I haven’t been involved with the things I love for a few years now and quite honestly, I’m sick of it.

I can’t tell you how happy I was when my body decided it wanted to play an actual Pokémon game. I’m a generation behind and it finally decided it wanted to catch up.

Now to do that with everything else…

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  • I completed 8 comic scripts;
  • I started work on 4 comics;
  • I completed 1 comic set;
  • I don’t think I will be able to make my December 1st, 2017 deadline, but we shall see;

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