[WEBSITE | RAMBLES | BUSINESS-SIDE] Experimenting Prints

I recently purchased an Epson WF-7610. While my partial intention is to use it just to print out my favourite artwork of mine in high quality (my previous printer wasn’t that good) and to scan in my occasional watercolour images, my largest intention is all business related: selling prints. I hope to sell prints to

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[WEBSITE | RAMBLES] Comic Subsite: WordPress or Manual?

Among the list of subsites to do during Phase 2, my comics subsite is one of them. It’s meant to be the easiest portal to all of my comics so you can locate them all relatively quick. It will link to one shots and to longer series. If I can, I want extended series information,

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[RAMBLES] The Purpose of My Website

I always feel weird bringing up my website. As of writing it, it’s not up, which is the first thing that makes it awkward. The second thing is that I have a hard time describing it and why it’s so important to me. A part of me always hopes they’ll ask for my website URL,

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