[ARTWORK] Clyde with Tea

I feel kind of bad that whenever I draw Clyde, he’s drinking tea. It makes him look like the only thing he does is drink tea. Sure, he loves his tea, but part of the gag with his character is that his tea time is always interrupted because his work requires him to work at …

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[ARTWORK] Casey & Akae

Back in elementary school, I had started to make Fakémon, otherwise known as Fake Pokémon. The starter types were different from the normal ones – ice was one, ghost was another, and I can’t remember the last one. After a while though, I felt that these fake Pokémon were ill suited to be Pokémon, but …

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[ARTWORK] Cheery Spark

Okay, yeah. I admit it. I got lazy with the banners. Instead of the fade-from-sketch-to-colour, it’s just coloured. The fading ones just take so much work and effort and with so many pictures, it’s not worth it, especially with how low an audience I have. I’ll return to it one day, but just not now. …

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[ARTWORK] TriGirls

For a brief time in 2006, I made a neutral version of Kelly (meaning she could be used as a fan character or an original story character; the idea has been scrapped since then), Samantha Laine, and Faye Jademan a trio. They weren’t necessarily suppose to be from the same main story, but from a …

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[ARTWORK] Samantha’s New Look (Redraw)

It’s probably obvious by now, but I like to redraw pictures. I like to see how far I’ve come in terms of style and skill. I also like that something will always be better in the redraw than the original image. This one is a perfect example. I couldn’t find the original sketch (which can …

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[ARTWORK] Queue Image 002: Samantha’s New Look Redraw

Probably after this one, I’ll be covering all that I’ve done at the end of a week. Right now though, you’re getting another somewhat boring ramble of a post because I want to fill up space. I’m not really satisfied with this as I was with the other image, primarily in the colouring area. I …

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