[ARTWORK] Party Frowner

I drew this for the “Thankful for Myself” ramble for the section entitled “I Don’t Deserve a Birthday”. Within that section, I talked about my relationship with my birthday prior to this year which can be boiled down to guilt about my own existence (something that isn’t prompted by anyone other than myself). I felt …

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[ARTWORK] Sketch Dump Monday – Sketches from July & August 2021

Yes, I am starting a new series: Sketch Dump Mondays! I had considered doing “Sketch Dump Saturdays” or “Sketch Dump Sundays”, however, I determined “Sketch Dump Mondays” worked better with my work schedule. I start my week on Mondays – mainly due to my tracker and planners starting on that day. I even changed my digital …

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[ARTWORK] Playful Silence

Here’s something you might know about me: over the past few years, I’ve increasingly hated my artwork. *GASP* I KNOW, I KNOW, that is so shocking! Surprising! Okay, maybe not. But yes…I was hating my artwork. Or rather, I was very unsatisfied with it and it was making me grumpy! I fixed a part of …

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[ARTWORK] Clyde Bust

I would say I haven’t drawn Clyde in quite a while, but that’s not true. I actually drew his character sheet, which is done. I’ll post it once I start posting stories. Just like the Sadia & Flavio picture, I was inspired to draw Clyde after writing about him in my short stories. He’s honestly …

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[ARTWORK] “Say Hello to Mr. Greeny!” “No Thanks”

I was working on one of my short stories and it featured my character Sadia, who is a “dolly” (think Frankenstein’s monster except not made from parts of different people) as the main character. My other character you see in this piece is Flavio, who also showed up in the story. You can probably imagine …

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