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[BLOG | RAMBLES] One Post a Day…

I’m currently going through a type of “awakening” progress right now (it’s painful at times and I can’t handle pressure right now, among other things). It’s made me sluggish, unable to really work on or do anything. I’m still in the middle of that process right now. I’ve been repulsed by my computer for the …

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[BLOG | UPDATES] New Layout!

Despite the fact that I have 3 more websites to fully complete, I decided to give this blog a bit of an overhaul. I originally wanted a magazine style layout and the layout I had previously, honestly, wasn’t quite doing it for me. That’s where MH Magazine comes in.

LATENESS! Sorry about that!

I know this blog pretty much has no readers, but I still feel the need to apologize! I’m so behind on so many things. Currently, I’m behind on posting up re-reviews…and that’s entirely because I’ve been busy with other, more important things. I’m hoping to catch up sooner or later. Though, I suppose it doesn’t …

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[UPDATES] Tags & Categories

Hey people! Who aren’t there. Just wanted to say I added tags and categories. I actually originally deleted all the tags, but then I realized I would essentially just be retagging all the posts with the same thing, so I reuploaded my files to make tagging easier on me. Yaaaay~ Categories were a bit more …

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Whoa, okay, what happened to this blog and what’s going on with your writing?

Well, person who did not really ask that, I shall tell you! I got a new job earlier in the year and thanks to the pay, I actually bought my own website! My website was formerly a “subsite” of my mothers, but I felt I needed my own to properly promote my works in the …

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Blog Update – Layout Changes

The layout you are seeing is temporary. I had issues with the way the other layout displayed images. I’ll be working on a custom layout soon enough that will satisfy my needs. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it. ;D Going to be a really simple layout too. Since I like simple the best. So …

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