[BUSINESS | PATREON] Good-bye, Patreon

I was on Facebook a few years ago, talking to one of my old friends from deviantART, and they suggested I sign up for Patreon. I thought about it for a bit and decided, hey, why not sign up? It seemed like a good idea — it was a platform where I could get paid for creating by my fans.

I tried to make Patreon work for me and I tried to promote it — I tried to schedule post and post up exclusive previews of artwork and sketches. I tried to be consistent. I tried to make rewards that would work for me. I tried to post it everywhere I could think of. However, Patreon never really worked for me.

It wasn’t just on a lack of interest either. I suffered from conflicts — I want people to come directly to TrainerKelly’s Network to read my comics or check out my social media pages. I want better organization. I want to post my YouTube videos for everyone to see, not just my Patreons. I also realized too that Patreon did not suit my image for TrainerKelly’s Network. Patreon is such a personalized, individualistic platform. It’s better suited for individuals and collectives — which, while, technically I am, that’s not what I am aiming to be. I’m aiming to be much more than that. At the end, Patreon was just a lingering burden.

Thank you so much to my Patrons for all of their support.

If I see a good way to use Patreon again in the future, I will reopen my page.

For now, however, it will lay dormant.

My website will be updated over the next several weeks to reflect this change.

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