[ARTWORK] “Say Hello to Mr. Greeny!” “No Thanks”

I was working on one of my short stories and it featured my character Sadia, who is a “dolly” (think Frankenstein’s monster except not made from parts of different people) as the main character. My other character you see in this piece is Flavio, who also showed up in the story.

You can probably imagine after writing about them, I actually wanted to draw them…so I did.

It has been almost a decade since I’ve drawn either one of them. In all honesty, I didn’t really draw them much in the first place – I mostly drew Clyde.

If you can’t guess, the Blue-Haired girl with the teddy bear is Sadia, while Flavio is the yellow-haired boy.

While this piece doesn’t have much to do with the story I wrote, I did take some inspiration from the story’s contents. Namely, Sadia loves teddy bears and makes a ton herself. She brings them around with her and gives them as gifts. In this one, she’s showing a new teddy bear to Flavio, who really doesn’t care.

I’m really happy with how this piece came out overall. It was really nice drawing Flavio and Sadia again. I think the colouring looks good and I love how the textures came out. I do think Flavio looks a little bit too flat (and no, I’m not talking about his eyes…they’re drawn that way on purpose). Regardless, this more or less came out the way I was hoping it would. It’s really fun-looking to me.

  • "Say Hello to Mr. Greeny!" "No Thanks" – Thumbnail Doodle
  • "Say Hello to Mr. Greeny!" "No Thanks" – Concept Doodle
  • "Say Hello to Mr. Greeny!" "No Thanks" – Sketch
  • "Say Hello to Mr. Greeny!" "No Thanks" – No Effects
  • "Say Hello to Mr. Greeny!" "No Thanks" – Completed

Year Completed: 2020
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo

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