[ARTWORK] Kelly the Dreamer’s Night Out

I can’t really remember why I drew Kelly the Dreamer like this. I think I wanted to experiment and I didn’t feel like doing her in her original clothing.

What exactly was I trying to experiment with?

1.) Simplifying my colouring process by using less colours for the shading. Usually, I’d use 5 or 6 colours, but I thought I could perhaps just use only 2 or 3 instead;

2.) Using white as the base colour, rather than a lighter version of the main colour I wanted the section to be;

3.) See if I could add a bit of blue & yellow to the piece using the airbrush tool and an overlay setting to make it look more visually appealing;

4.) If I could do the “LCD Concert-Inspired” Background that I made a tutorial on forever ago for Photoshop (I did one for Gimp too) inside of Affinity Photo;

Was I successful?

I actually would say yes to all of them!

I found using 2 to 3 colours far more pleasant than using the kajillion colours I would before. And I still got the same result! (I don’t think it’s much faster though, but I think that’s fine.)

I also really liked the effect using white as a base colour gave it. I think it looks better, but I can’t exactly pin why. Maybe it’s because it’s like a white canvas background (even though that’s not actually what I am using). However, the process for getting the white background is annoying, but I probably make it more annoying than it needs to be – I use a setting where I can do a temporary colour overlay, which I do for each section so I can tell them apart (as you can imagine, it’s kind of hard to tell which section is which when they’re all the same colour). I wonder if the time I save using only 2 or 3 colours for the shading all goes to this process now, pffft.

I also added the yellow & blue airbrush, which I felt added something very subtle, but visually appealing. It made it more pleasant to look at, at least to my eyes.

As for the LCD Concert-Inspired Background, it WORKED! I don’t really remember too much of what I did at this point. I think I had to create a separate document with a circle in the size I wanted, export it, then import it as a bitmap using the gradient tool (which also works for repeated patterns in Affinity Photo). I’m definitely considering making a tutorial for it once I remember what I did at a later date and put it right up here on Rambles.

I really love this picture overall, although I don’t like the direction Kelly is looking. There is A LOT though that I like about this picture:

  • I love Kelly the Dreamer’s pose. It’s one of the more visually interesting ones I’ve drawn in a while, I think;
  • I love her dress;
  • I love the uneven elements that add some interest – notably that her left hand has a fingerless glove and a little string bracelet of sorts, while her right hand does not and her right leg has a sock, while the left leg does not;
  • I really like how the background came out, even if there is a lot of yellow;

This is probably one of my favourite pieces.

I did doodle Kelly’s outfit and pose concept before I went ahead and drew this piece. You can see the full concept below in the gallery:

  • Kelly the Dreamer's Night Out – Dress Concept & Thumbnail Sketch
  • Kelly the Dreamer's Night Out – Base Doodle
  • Kelly the Dreamer's Night Out – Sketch
  • Kelly the Dreamer's Night Out – Colour, No FX or BG
  • Kelly the Dreamer's Night Out – Finished Piece

Year Completed: 2020
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo

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