[ARTWORK] Kelly the Dreamer – iPad Test

I wanted a Wacom Cintq a few years ago, but held off in favour of getting a new Intuos. My first Intuos broke after a move and I saw an opportunity to upgrade my equipment. I ended up putting out a message on my social media pages asking for input. I ultimately decided to hold off on the Wacom Cintq.

I periodically thought about the Wacom Cintq. I knew a few people who had them. I saw people use them sometimes in videos. I sometimes would go onto the Wacom website and look over the specs. Something about it didn’t settle right with me, no matter how much I wanted it: the operating system for the Wacom Cintq was Windows. I run on a Mac.

I don’t think that meant I couldn’t use it with my Mac. More of, it’s a separate computer on an operating system I genuinely don’t like. Did I really want to invest in what was a second computer running on a different OS – one that I personally don’t like to use?

Apple had announced their iPad Pro not too long before my Intuos broke. I remember one of my friend’s quipped Apple was trying to compete with Cintq. I told them my thoughts, which was pretty much, nah, that wasn’t what they were doing. The iPad Pro flew under my radar.

Then I started seeing people using it to do artwork on. As someone who has liked most Apple products (I think the only one I really have ever strongly disliked is the iPod…still to this day!), I became interested, but I still was hesitant. Even knowing that the art program I use, Clip Studio Paint, was on the iPad, I was still not sure.

I had been scrolling down my Twitter feed one day and saw that the official English-language Clip Studio Paint account retweeted someone saying that they loved CSP on their iPad Pro. Curious, I clicked the tweet and looked in the comments. There, I saw the one thread I needed to see to make my decision: someone asked if it was better than the Cintq and the person replied that it made their Cintq look like a hunk of junk in comparison.

And from there, I knew I wanted an iPad Pro eventually.

My birthday in March 2020 was coming up and my mother asked me what I wanted. I thought for a bit and decided to ask for the iPad Pro. It was something I had talked to her about before about wanting, but I never specified when. She admitted to me she almost got it for me for Christmas, but she knew it would have been the only thing I would have gotten. I’m happy she waited for my birthday!

I immediately downloaded Clip Studio Paint, as well as Affinity Photo. While I’m not a fan of Clip Studio Paint’s subscription on the iPad, I know I’m getting my money’s worth. I hope one day they’ll do some sort of one-time payment, but eeeeeeh, who knows. Subscriptions make more money over the long run anyway.

I tested my first picture on the iPad to see how easy it was to recreate what I did on my computer.

I drew this really fun piece of Kelly the Dreamer, holding one of her dream orbs to her face. She’s most likely about to go into the orb and go on an adventure.

The whole point of this piece was to play around and test the iPad. Clip Studio Paint was very, very easy to use, although I needed to adjust my workflow to work better on the touchscreen. I found Affinity Photo infuriating because it was just SO different from the desktop version, but once I got the hang of it, it was fine. Affinity Photo also did not like my huge canvas, so I had to shrink it to its final output size, but that’s fine.

I really like this picture. I love Kelly’s tongue sticking out. I love the glow of the orb and the way she is holding her headphone cord between her index finger and thumb. I do think the pose is funny, but super cute.

Everything came out the way I expected, but the overall process was a lot more relaxing in comparison to drawing on the computer.

So uh…yeah.

I guess I hope you enjoyed my mini-review on the iPad Pro aaaaaaaand this test illustration of Kelly the Dreamer?

(Oh yeah, by the way, 8 days after my birthday, Apple announced a new iPad Pro. Pffft.)

Year Completed: 2020
Tools Used: iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint for iPad, Affinity Photo for iPad

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