Myself in anime form raging angry

July is usually one of the hardest months for me and this year was no exception. I found myself able to work a lot more than I normally do, but it was a huge emotional roller coaster for me the entire month and I ultimately found myself feeling very angry and just wanting to SCREAM.

I was taking a course that ended up hitting a whole bunch of trigger points for me, one after another…but it was honestly exactly what I needed. I knew when I was taking the course, I wasn’t taking it necessarily for the content that was going to be present, but rather another reason, but I didn’t know what that was. Just deep from within me, it was clear there was another reason I was there. That reason turned out to be to pull up older issues so I could actually confront them!

I felt inspired to try and put my rage into artwork. While this doesn’t capture the rage in the exact way I was feeling it (I was feeling it more in the solar plexus area just under my heart) that day, it certainly captures the initial rage I had in a way. I ended up using this for a Discord avatar for quite a bit, which made my Discord Trainees worried about me. I changed it though later on after I’d felt better.

I have to say this is probably one of my favorite pieces, although I think it’s scary. I think Hurricane (my husband) was scared by this piece, but honestly, it looks AWESOME in a lot of ways. I think it really captures RAGE really well. 🤩 In a lot of ways, I feel terrified looking at this piece because I drew myself looking so crazed, but I also just love how I came out!

Yes, that’s me, in anime form. I drew myself in my Creator form.

I think I kind of look like a shark, haha.

The day I’m writing this on, I also felt like screaming and was angry – not necessarily like this, but angry enough. I’m glad to say though that I’m feeling betterish now, although still pretty crappy. By the time you read this, I’m going to be better. ✨

Year Completed: 2021
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo


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