[ARTWORK] Fused Self – Present

Myself holding a gift in anime form

I drew this piece for the “Thankful for Myself” ramble.

I wanted something that represented both sides of me receiving a gift. I don’t really remember necessarily what section I originally intended this piece to be used in, but I used it in the “A Thing to Remember” section. I think it was mainly because I just…didn’t know where else to put it or why I drew it.

The most I know is I wanted to draw both sides of myself, fused together. I drew myself as my Creator self primarily within that post because that’s what I felt was most appropriate for me, but I included this one for…some reason.

I think my face (and the Queen’s arm) looks funny, although I do like my expression. I’m biting my bottom lip while holding the gift. Oh geez, the hands look terrible too…I had a hard time drawing it too! I was on livestream when I was doing this, if I remember correctly.

I don’t like this piece all that much. It’s definitely not the *worst* piece I’ve done, but it’s…eh. It’s kind of boring. I don’t know why…maybe it’s because the rest of the pieces within the post are more interesting in comparison.

i don’t hate this though.

What do you think?

  • Base
  • Sketch
  • Sketch
  • Colored
  • Myself holding a gift in anime form

Year Completed: 2021
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo


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