[ARTWORK] Clyde Bust

I would say I haven’t drawn Clyde in quite a while, but that’s not true. I actually drew his character sheet, which is done. I’ll post it once I start posting stories.

Just like the Sadia & Flavio picture, I was inspired to draw Clyde after writing about him in my short stories. He’s honestly one of my absolute favourite characters, although I don’t draw him nearly enough.

This piece isn’t a reference to anything that happened in the story. I just wanted to draw Clyde.

I originally imagined this more alluring and almost sensual, but it didn’t turn out that way. It’s actually kind of boring and looks more like he’s zoning out like “duuuuuuuurrr”, although I actually really like the colouring on this one too. I really dig how I did the shading.

If I was to redraw this concept, I would lift his head a bit more. I actually think his head’s position is what didn’t make the impact I was looking for. Granted, it could also be my drawing skills.

I’m sure there is going to be someone who looks at this though and sees the allure I was looking to create.

Overall, I like this piece a lot. It’s probably not one of my favourites, but I definitely don’t hate it either! I think it just simply looks good. That’s it. Even if it doesn’t have that allure I was looking for.

  • Clyde Bust – Thumbnail Doodle
  • Clyde Bust – Base Doodle
  • Clyde Bust – Sketch
  • Clyde Bust – No Effects
  • Clyde Bust – Completed

Year Completed: 2020
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo

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