[WEBSITE | BUSINESS] New Tiers, New Stories Categories – You Can Now Read WHAT?!

I’m kind of laughing because I actually made the decision yesterday to not do any work until August because I’m feel so freakin’ frustrated attempting to produce content for other aspects of my Network. I apparently found exceptions to my current frustrations though because I’ve been having a blast making adjustments to my Network. New

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[WEBSITE] UNDER CONSTRUCTION! – I Moved Things, Broke URLs, but Now I Have Membership OPTIONS

Hey there, trainees! You might have noticed there’s…a lot of weird shiznit going on around here. Well, that’s because my Central Network (i.e. the whole website platform) is currently under construction! It all stemmed from one thing: I wanted on-site memberships. So, I know how I’m doing that now. Which involved moving all my WordPress

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