[WEBSITE | BUSINESS] New Tiers, New Stories Categories – You Can Now Read WHAT?!

I’m kind of laughing because I actually made the decision yesterday to not do any work until August because I’m feel so freakin’ frustrated attempting to produce content for other aspects of my Network. I apparently found exceptions to my current frustrations though because I’ve been having a blast making adjustments to my Network.

New Tiers (and Price Adjustments)

I didn’t announce it before, but the Memberships are actually open now. Like, you can actually go over and register – both paid (super trainee, super advanced trainee) and free (basic trainee) accounts. You can learn more on the Tiers & Perks page.

They’ve been open for a bit now, but I’ve been pretty quiet with them mostly because not all the perks are available yet. For example, I’m slowly adding the favorite buttons to all my rambles – I didn’t realize there was over 500 posts that I now get to go manually edit all myself. Needless to say, it’s a slow process, but absolutely worth it.

Previously, there was only two (technically) three tiers: Basic Trainee (Free), Monthly Trainee, and Yearly Trainee. The Monthly Trainee was $7.50 and the Yearly Trainee was $50.

July 2022 really has brought of old thought patterns to the surface and upon further reflection, I’ve determined that it is better for me to go with my original pricing plan of $15 per month or $150 per year. I didn’t feel like I offered “enough” and chose to have a lower price. I figure though that by the time anyone pays, I’ll have plenty of content, worth the price.

I also determined that I wanted to add another tier level to give exclusive access to other kinds of content, so I added what has become “Super Advanced Trainee”. It’s the super fan level. I have some pretty cool ideas of what I would like to do in the future with it, but for now, I’m keeping it pretty basic. This level is $50 a month or $500 per year.

The three levels – Basic Trainee (Free), Super Trainee ($15 per month/$150 per year), and Super Advanced Trainee ($50 per month/$500 per year) – are now available for you to sign up for now! If you need more information on what exactly the perks are, I have an entire page about that.

Keep in mind that some perks may not be fully available or may be completely unavailable because I am in the process of finishing this site and creating content.

Stories: Work in Progress AND Earlier Versions?!

I have a more detailed announcement over on Stories regarding the two new categories. They are only accessible to Super Advanced Trainees.

Both categories are just as they sound: Work in Progress is the category I am using to share the incomplete drafts after I’m done writing them after some time (the day, the week, or whenever I think there has been a substantial enough update), while Earlier Versions are previous versions of the stories created prior to 2020.

I’m so excited to be sharing both the story being written and previous versions (if available) with my super advanced trainees. I know you’re just as excited to read what I am sharing as much as I am about sharing it!

Earlier versions start posting on September 1st, 2022. Work in Progress posts are available NOW. Again – it’s only available to Super Advanced Trainees.

What’s Coming for the Other Trainees?

For all registered Trainees, you’ll be able to earn achievements by interacting with different parts of the site. The gamification plugin is installed, but I haven’t set up anything else quite yet. I am currently deciding on the achievement graphics.

Super Trainees and Super Advanced Trainees will still be getting early access to content. I am currently debating between having early access last for 1 month or for 3 months. After the month(s) expire, the content will become public. My final verdict will come…well, once I am scheduling content. I’ll figure it out then the duration for the early access.

Other Updates

  • tweaked messages to better align with new tiers and site updates – including pop-ups, on-page messages, and restricted content messages;
  • added an age gate for posts that reference things that are for adult audiences;
  • created default featured images for Stories site categories – this is so I don’t have to worry about creating a featured image every single time, especially for posts that might be okay to be overlooked;
  • slowly started adding the favorite buttons and the new ending portion of the posts to all rambles here on Rambles. It’s a super slow process because I am doing it by myself and there is over 500 individual rambles;
  • purged about 100 rambles that I felt are no longer relevant – I did save them though elsewhere, so I still have them if needed;
  • payment system works now lol;

I think that might be it, but it’s also completely possible I forgot some things because I’ve been working on this site off and on for about two months. Oops.

Talk to you later, trainee! If you’re bored, why not check out the tiers or read one of the stories currently available?

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