[WEBSITE] Everything is a WORK IN PROGRESS – but Memberships ~ARE COMING~

Hey, trainee!


I think you can already tell, but there’s a lot of work being done on the Central Network (i.e. this whole dang website).

It’s kind of funny – I had the thought of this complete overhaul back in April and was desperately attempting to figure out how to make it happen, but ended up stopping because of an overwhelming sense that I had better things to focus on. Then it hit June 1st and the next thing I knew, I was working on redoing many aspects of my Central Network. Didn’t even plan it, I just started to do it.

Well, I guess some of the plans were from April. I just didn’t expect to actually do them – but here I am, doing just that.

Every aspect of site has an overhaul and there’s some new pages. I’m just going to break these down into bullet points since I think it’ll be the easiest.

There’s honestly a lot.

And I’m still doing more.

I did post an update back on June 3rd, so you can go read that one to know some of the other changes and past issues.


  • ADDED: Temporary notification letting everyone know the site is under construction.
  • ADDED: Copyright notice to all pages. May tweak it in the future because my site has existed for far longer.
  • ADDED: Custom CSS padding so things are better spaced to look at now.
  • Added, changed, or removed plugins, feeds, posts, and more that I don’t feel the need to go in and note anything longer than this.
  • REMOVED: Shrink functionality from all headers. I didn’t like it.
  • IN PROGRESS: Gamification. It’s definitely not set up yet by any means, but the plugins are installed. I’ll talk more about it once it’s actually done.
  • ADDED: Set average button styling. I wanted there to be consistency of some sort to go with my branding. I don’t think it shows up 100% on everything, but in that case, I make the effort to make adjustments.
  • ADDED: All sites except the homepage have a pop-up advertising the membership.
    • I’ll probably change the pop-up though because it’s ugly. 🤣


Visit the homepage now.

Screenshot of homepage as of June 18, 2022
  • I was originally going to keep my coded homepage, but I decided to change it to the same layout as everything else because I prefer using a content management system.
  • IN PROGRESS: RSS Feeds for Rambles & Stories sites. I’ve technically made them a few times before, but I am having trouble getting images to show, so the feeds are currently not displaying. I am revisiting them again soon.
  • ADDED: Giant note briefly introducing myself and what I do, along with buttons of the content you can explore on my Central Network. It can be closed if you don’t want it open.
    • IN PROGRESS: The giant note will eventually look prettier with graphics.
  • ADDED: Featured Grid – displays a link to the short story drafts, two featured short stories, and a link to my discord server. Everything has a beautiful backdrop!
    • ISSUE: When dark mode is enabled, the semi-transparent white backdrop does not change (at least on desktop). This renders the text almost unreadable.
  • About the Network and About Me sections (About TrainerKelly’s Network/About TrainerKelly) have been moved to this new site. The About Me section actually has a backdrop, so it stands out from everything else!
  • ADDED: Company page with subpages. You can see all the policies for the Network on the subpage.
  • ADDED: Site page with subpages.
  • ISSUE: Title Heading showing instead of only the logo on smaller screen sizes.
  • ISSUE: Off canvas menu (mobile/smaller screens) does NOT show links to memberships, art, stories, or rambles.


Visit Stories now.

Screenshot of Stories site as of June 18, 2022
  • ADDED: Favorites page – only accessible for registered members (which is currently NOT open). Does NOT require a subscription for access.
    • IN PROGRESS: adding a favorites button to each entry.
  • NOTE: This is the only site with a different font for non-heading text. I wanted to use a different font that would be better for reading stories. Font is Gentium Basic, while headings and the rest of my site use Open Sans.


Visit Rambles now.

Screenshot of Rambles site as of June 18, 2022
  • RESOLVED: Broken images have been restored! It took almost a week, but I found an easy method that I wish I had known from the start. The short version of it is it involved importing JSON data for images and then just placing the images into the correct folder.
    • NOTE: Anything that didn’t actually have images before do not have images now (so if you see things without images, that’s why). I’m going to look into creating some default featured images so everything has something.
    • ALSO NOTE: Some of the images that are missing may have been missing since a previous version of Rambles;
  • RESOLVED: Rambles search is working again! It seemed to fix itself, which is cool.
  • RESOLVED: Ended up changing the layout from MH Magazine to Astra Theme. MUCH better now! Overall site looks a lot more pleasing to me and I’m happy to use it.
    • I do think there needs to be more graphics and stuff, but that’s coming up. I just have the basics laid down.
  • RESOLVED: Archive is now called “archive” and not “__trashed” in the URL.
  • ADDED: Favorites page – only accessible for registered members (which is currently NOT open). Does NOT require a subscription for access.
    • IN PROGRESS: adding a favorites button to each entry.
  • ISSUE: Off-Canvas menu not displaying correct pages.
  • UPCOMING: I’ll be pruning older entries I do not feel like align with my content anymore or that I feel adds no value (like getting to know me better).


Visit Membership site now.

Screenshot of my profile page on Membership site as of June 18, 2022
  • IN PROGRESS: The membership sign-ups are actually technically done, but I’m having issues getting the payment system to work and the ability to create an account to work as well. I will revisit this when I’m ready to open.
  • UPCOMING: I’m redoing the membership homepage. The one I have right now is just temporary anyway – it was just to give me something to display.
  • UPDATED: Thanks to the Ultimate Member plugin, the user preferences are much easier to access and more beautiful to look at!
    • UPDATED: Styled some of the user preferences/profile pieces with custom CSS.
      • IN PROGRESS: Continuing to update the user preferences/profile pieces with custom CSS where appropriate. Mostly colors so everything is on-brand.
  • ADDED: An FAQ Page.
    • ISSUE: Notification font is in white, which is difficult to read on the regular (light) theme.
  • ADDED: A page regarding Tiers & Perks.
    • IN PROGRESS: Not going to lie, this page is UGLY. I’ll be making it look prettier in the future though. I have kind of an idea of how I will do that, so you’ll see it when it’s done.
  • UPDATED: All tiers now make note that you can access your favorites. It’s a perk of being a registered trainee – whether it’s a free or paid account.
  • Configured settings for the membership – everything is good to go except for the payment system (including taxes).


I should specifically say “on-site memberships” are coming.

This is what I wanted since the beginning.

Is everything as I imagined?

Nah, not yet.

But I think in some ways, it’s potentially better, if for no other reason than the fact I get to make it happen NOW.

There is a free level that will let you access your favorites (and also keep track of your achievements once the gamification is set up).

The paid level – $7.50 per month or $50 per year – lets you access your favorites, achievements, as well as early access to content and no ads. I have some other ideas floating around for content for these paid tiers, but at the moment, I am only sticking to what I am already doing. Any additional content will come in time. I’ll let you know when that is.

As for early access, I think most posts will be a month ahead. So for example, if this was an early access post (it is not because it’s an update), paid trainees would get it today (June 18th) and basic (free) trainees & unregistered trainees would get it a month from now (July 18th). There may be posts that are exceptions to this and pay be revealed at an earlier or later date to the public.

As I said though, they’re currently not open. I’m having issues with the payment systems and I have to figure out the tax shiznit first before I open them. Oh and any other legal obligations I might have. That too.

Other Thoughts

I’m actually really impressed with how far everything has come. When I look at all I have done so far, I’m like “wow, I didn’t expect this”. I mean, I guess to some extent I did, but not necessarily the how or the fact I just simply started working on it.

Working on the Central Network has given me the weirdest feeling of being almost done while not being even close.

I do kind of question about content because I want to make sure content is being posted with some level of consistency for you, even if I’m not working on anything consistently. I guess I’ll know as I keep doing what I am doing.

I do have two stories that I am writing in the background, a ton of artwork I am finally starting to color, and some rambles waiting to be posted. I guess I’ll see how this all works out.

As of writing this, I do feel a bit numb, like almost burnt out, but I think I just need to go do something different. It’s not about this though – I’ve actually been on a break for about a week now. I know it has to do with my progress with learning Japanese, but that’s something I’ll talk about in a different ramble.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this updates post! Talk to you later!

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