[WEBSITE | UPDATES] Changes Are COMING! – Current Progress & Issues

I’ve had clarity for about two months now that all I want is on-site memberships.

And whatever I am doing for the memberships needs to be something I am already doing. (Something being super hands-off once implemented also works too.)

I was trying to push for it back in April, but it just wasn’t the time for it then.

It’s actually something that made me realize, oh crap, I would have probably dropped over $1,000 to make it happen if I actually had had it in my bank account! I actually was thankful that I didn’t have that money because I realized I was pushing for something out of desperation, not because I genuinely wanted to.

Although, the on-site memberships are a genuine desire of mine.

They’re something I genuinely want.

It just wasn’t the time for me to do them – in the words of the divine, I had “better things” to focus on in the moment.

Well, who would have thought I’d enter into June with a suddenly enough clarity and conviction to actually do the memberships?!

And that, trainees, is exactly what’s going on right now.

It’s a work-in-progress, so bear with me.

Current Progress & Issues


  • Membership works across all sites on my Network (trainerkellysnetwork.com as a whole);
  • Potentially Upcoming: Modals and stuff to invite you to become a member if you are not one already;


  • Rambles URL: You are on it right now, therefore I won’t provide it lol;
  • Issue: Broken images – currently fixing (33 pages worth, oh boy);
  • Issue: Broken search feature – will look into fixing later;
  • Issue: Site looks ugly lol will be updating the styling later on;
  • Other: Will be adding a heading banner, but am currently debating whether or not I use an older piece OR if I make a new piece of artwork specifically for it;

I had to move all the WordPress blogs around in order to get the membership to work across all sites. Although I backed up my data in multiple ways, my images couldn’t be imported back, resulting in broken images across the site.

To be honest, this is such a minor problem, I don’t really mind all that much. Tedious to fix (especially since I’m manually correcting them all myself), but not all that bad.

I feel kind of inspired to “prune” older entries that don’t really fit my content aims…namely fan art and minor entries that don’t offer too much insight into my life and what I do. But I’ll see if I even do that.


  • Stories URL: https://www.trainerkellysnetwork.com/stories/
  • Everything seems to be functioning fine – if it’s not, please let me know by emailing me at inquiry@trainerkelly.net OR messaging me on social media (listed below) or on Discord;
  • Other: Will customize the layout later with my branding once I’m done with other aspects of my site;

Stories also had broken images, but since there’s so few entries, it was super quick to fix things.

Deciding on a layout was a bit more troublesome, but I think the one I chose is good. It’s a bit boring though, but that’s something colors that match my brand and some artwork can fix!

I think.


  • Memberships URL: https://www.trainerkellysnetwork.com/membership/
  • 3 Tiers: Basic Trainee (Free Account), Monthly Trainee ($7.50 per month), Yearly Trainee ($50 per year) – paid subscriptions remove ads at the moment and will be granted early access to content soon after;
  • Mostly finished in it’s “basic” form – needed to establish the actual membership parts, like registration and updating one’s account;
  • Issue: there is no benefit to Basic Trainee yet – it’s planned
  • Issue: Super basic and mostly stock content – more/proper content will come later;
  • Other: Will customize the layout later with my branding once I’m done with other aspects of my site;

To be honest, I almost didn’t know if I would be able to use this site this way, but it seems like I can! It’s where you can manage all your membership stuff, like updating your profile and payment methods…and register in the first place!

I have some ideas on how I want to expand it in the future. I even started working on them to some extent, but with some notable snags, so I am putting that aside for the time being and focusing on the base features I’m confident enough in implementing (for both ease of implementing them and because it doesn’t need me to do any extra work besides from the initial set up…which isn’t really extra work).


  • No update yet;
  • Issue (?): I think the Rambles feed is down…at least, it’s not showing up in Chrome for me, but still is in Firefox (probably has to do with my cache);
  • Future: Will be adding a link to the Memberships site;
  • Minor updates and tweaks pending in general, including improved styling and removal of unnecessary/repeated words (oooops);

I haven’t touched the homepage yet because I wanted to get the inner sites done, especially since the homepage is the only part at the moment that is completely coded by me still and I intend to keep it that way. (Okay, maybe not the only part – there’s some other parts of the site I plan on keeping that way too, like the company and site portions. Maybe.)

I will be removing the ads from the homepage, even though the rest of the site (except where I decide otherwise) will still have them.



  • Implemented: Ad-free reading for Paid Members;
  • Implementing Soon: Early Content Access

I am using the free version of a membership plugin I plan on upgrading to the paid version once my site’s decent and I can confirm it’s more or less working as intended. I don’t see the point of dropping money on it right now while I’m still getting things set up – once I’m ready to drop the early access content, then dang it, I’m going to do that!!

I can confirm though that the ad-free reading DOES work, although I don’t think anyone can really sign up for paid memberships at the moment??? (hi i’m the site owner and i’m not sure because this is all new to me)

Future Wishlist

This is a wishlist of features I would like to implement on this site. All of them having varying degrees of practically implementing them. Some are easier than others.

Free = For REGISTERED Users (i.e. you need to be a Basic Trainee, Monthly Trainee, or Yearly Trainee to access); Paid = MUST be a PAYING user (memberships ONLY) in order to access

  • Exclusive Posts (Free/Paid – depends on the content);
  • Custom Discord title (Free);
  • Exclusive Discounts (Paid);
  • Exclusive Merch (Free/Paid; Free & Paid may have different price points; Separate from the ONLINE SHOP);
  • Gamification – ability to earn achievements & points. Points can then be used in the Exclusive Merch store to either purchase digital items or discount physical items (Free);
  • Track favorites across all sites (for some reason, this is really hard to do on WordPress????? I actually tried this and it broke when I switched layouts) (Free);
  • *PDFs of Stories (Paid);
  • Access to high-res versions of artwork (Paid);

*The PDFs I offer will most likely be different from the ones I sell. It will still contain the same story content, but the ones I sell separately will have additional content in them…or so is the idea;

I think all of these are completely possible to varying degrees. I actually need to test them out, but…not right now. Let me get the two basics down before I attempt to do the other things.

Don’t expect the PDFs for a while – I know how they look and stuff, but uh…I need some more artwork first before I do them. They’re actually gonna be nice looking. And on brand.

I also just, right now, want to stick with things I’m already doing (or things that are hands off once they’re set up).

Other Thoughts

I’m still in disbelief at my sudden movement to implementing this.

I kept asking the Divine what to do in general and it kept coming back to asking what I want to actually be doing. And that is my Network.

It’s the stories, it’s the artwork, and it’s the rambles. It’s having the memberships open. Eventually it’s other things too. And probably most importantly, it’s all just something that I do.

It’s getting back to just doing what I do.

That’s what my Network is really about anyway – me and what I do that I then get to share with you.

Cool Shiznit for You to Do

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This is where you can help me out – let me know your question(s) about my creative process!

Submit your question(s) below. You may be the inspiration for the next ramble!

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