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I kind of spent the day mostly reading. I didn’t touch Kyo Kara Maoh! season 3 at all today, but that was by choice, since I felt like reading instead. I didn’t really go in intending to read anything super specific – mostly just stuck to (NSFW) Futekiya titles that appealed to me today (I think all of them coincidentally had pink covers except for the final one that I started, but haven’t finished reading yet). I think all of them were re-reads as well, minus the last one I’ve started, which besides from the first chapter, is new for me to read.

I also read (NSFW) 友達はキスしない (Tomodachi wa Kisu Shinai / You Don’t Kiss Friends) by Sangou Mitsuru on Renta! JP. It’s cute. I’m happy to see it’s continuing with a sequel! It’s been sitting in my to-read pile for a bit. I had bought it because it interested me, but then I didn’t read it until now and found myself unable to stop until I finished it. Then I wanted more! I’m good though until the compiled volume comes out, whenever that will be. As far as I know, it currently doesn’t have an English release.

Eat or Consume?

I ended up googling the differences between 食べる (taberu) V.S. 食う (kuu) as well as ご飯 (gohan) V.S. 飯(めし)(meshi). The first two means “to eat”, but I figured there were nuances. The second two words means “meal/rice”, but again…I figured there were nuances. I hadn’t seen 食う or めし until I started reading manga in Japanese, so I wasn’t quite sure what they were. At first I wondered if there was a regional thing to it, but it just showed up so often, I figured there was something more to it.

From what I understand, 食べる implies “to eat” as in “I need to eat to survive” sort of way, while 食う is more like “consuming”. Both 食う and めし have a masculine connotation. めし in particularly might be used by teenagers and young men, which…makes sense considering most of what I’m reading is BL. No wonder I almost never see ご飯, despite the fact it’s polite/standard Japanese (same thing with 食べる).

Understanding this definitely has made me make a mental note on the importance of experiencing from a variety of sources and cross-checking sources like textbooks so I can make sure that I’m speaking politely. (I suspect if I read more shojo manga with female protagonists, I bet ご飯 and 食べる will show up more often.) I already have a pretty good basic foundation in Japanese, so I don’t feel the need to cross-check at this particular moment, but as I deep-dive, I’m sure I’ll have to cross-check. But I’ll know when I’ll need to do that. I’m still just making word lists at the moment and my goals at the moment is to just start to understand what the heck I’m reading and listening to so I can start picking up patterns and context.

Work – Stories & Comics

Photo of an excerpt of "Untitled Severin Story"

I wrote both stories today – Neron’s Story and Severin’s Story. I mentioned them yesterday, so if you want some additional details, I suggest reading that entry. As I said yesterday I do not know when they will be posted. I don’t know if I want to write more stories before posting again or if they’ll be scheduled right away.

I probably spent just over 15 minutes on Neron’s Story, while I spent maybe twice on long with Severin’s. I do find I’m really enjoying writing both of them so far. I even read little bits of the stories so far and I have to say…my favorite part of my stories as a writer is getting to actually read them.

I actually read “Shock Bite” the other day for one reason or another (I can’t really remember) and I found myself thoroughly enjoying it. My favorite bit is definitely:

Vainstrel tightened his hands around Spark’s. “Perhaps we could exchange our telephone addresses of the numerical value so we may discuss the future?”

“You mean my phone number?” 

“Yes, that would be correct.” 

From “Shock Bite (Temp. Title)” © 2022 Kelly Mulry

This doesn’t have much to do with what I did today – except the comic page I put the base sketch on since it comes right after that story.

It’s nice knowing I’m writing the stories I want to write, that I want to see. I think it’s fine to learn good practices, but it’s ultimately up to the writer/creator/etc. what they actually want to do. A lot of what I do is deliberate – and if it’s not, it’s probably a personal preference. Sometimes it’s a mistake, but even those mistakes are nice – it’s a chance to learn and improve from…if I chose to.


The other thing I did today was do page 3’s base sketches for my upcoming comic that’s 9 pages long and comes right after “Shock Bite”.

Photo of Untitled Spark Comic Page 3

Other than that, I didn’t do anything else.

I did think of coloring some artwork today, but I haven’t fully decided if I want to take the time to do that. I may apply the white base color so I can actually color tomorrow. (Hmm…maybe I could make applying the base color a separate step from both the sketch and the rest of the coloring process? It’s probably the most annoying part, but absolutely worth it).

I felt pretty good overall today. I’m mostly excited for my package that’s coming, so I’ll tell you about it when it arrives. I’d love if it’d arrive later today, but it might be the day after! Aaaaaah!!! So excited!!

Nothing else to report for today.

Talk to you later, trainees!

Edit @ 2:46 AM ET on 05/26/2022

lol trainees, I actually applied the base color to a piece! I sketched a bunch of pieces earlier in the year, so I’m just slowly working my way through some of my favorite pieces (which…I feel like are most of them).

Photo of illustration of Spark Alamental

This one in particular is one of Spark Alamental. (Yes, the one the comic is about.)

I started listening to Simon Curtis’s first album 8Bit Heart while coloring (holy crap, it’s been over a decade since that album was released!). Coloring went by a lot faster than I anticipated, especially considering Spark has numerous colors on her color pallette that kind of make her a bit more tedious than I’d like. But I love her design anyway.

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