[UPDATES] 7 Important Updates to the TrainerKelly’s Network Schedule

Hey there, trainee!

If you haven’t been keeping up, I ended up not posting any story on April 19th, 2022. Instead, I posted an announcement regarding the new release date (May 17th) and some light information about my plans over the next month.

I wanted to inform you not only about the new release date, but some additional announcements regarding upcoming additions, changes, and focus to my Network.

Everything is subject to change and without notice.

1.) The next story will be posted on May 17th, 2022.

As I mentioned in the announcement, the next story will be posted on May 17th, 2022 at midnight eastern time.

I anticipate that the story schedule will be back to normal after that posting, posting every other week. (Meaning the story that will be posted after the one on May 17th will be on May 31st, etc.).

2.) The next story is “Stolen Personality (temp. title)”.

“Stolen Personality” (the unedited first draft) will be available for FREE on the Stories site on May 17th, 2022 at midnight ET.

Lollie, a shadow person, learns her vampire friend Sally has fallen into a coma. After following a trail of clues and similar cases along the way, she finds out what has happened to her dear friend.

It is a rewrite of an older story of mine. This is actually the 3rd rewrite. A big inspiration for rewriting it was the fact that the original two versions simply just made…no sense. I don’t get what I was trying to write back then.

I’m more confident in this new version, at least, at the moment.

3.) I am taking a month off from posting, BUT I will be working in the background.

I am going to be taking the next month – up until May 17th – from posting anything that has not already been scheduled on here and my Network pages (my personal pages, however, will still be active – go follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you’re interested in frequent previews and behind the scenes insights).

As I mentioned before, the next story (“Stolen Personality”) will be posted May 17th, 2022 at midnight ET.

Rambles will resume on June 2nd, 2022 at midnight ET.

This, however, does not mean I’m not doing work – instead, I’m allowing myself grace to complete work I’ve already started.

I’ve honestly spent the first half of April in some pretty deep depression that loosened its grip around the 16th/17th. I’m in a good enough place to get back to my work with ease. The day I’m writing this, I actually finished pretty much everything I set out to do and it feelings amazing.

What exactly am I working on?

I am focusing on finishing up at least the next story (if not the next two to four stories), completing art commissions my mom ordered back in December, the drafts I have lingering on here, and Japanese (which may or may not be related to my Network, but it’s still important).

The short way to summarize it is that I am finishing up lingering projects and my short stories.

Oh and probably will color.

I really want to color stuff.

I’ve been doing sketching for about 2 months and I finally feel like coloring. So that too.


4.) I am focusing on Rambles (blog posts/video/podcast) content from now until the end of June.

In addition to finishing up lingering projects, I am putting a focus onto the content I am just going to call “rambles” – this includes these blog posts (rambles), videos, and podcasts (audio rambles).

The focus is mostly going to be on establishing the workflows for each type of content (blog posts/videos/podcasts), understanding how they get integrated into my workday, and get used to creating when I have clarity it is time to move, instead of denying it like I have a history of doing.

I’ve been establishing workflows naturally since about mid-January and I found that they’ve served me in phenomenal ways. They’ve made it so easy to just drop into my work and simply do it. My mind generally doesn’t even have a chance to get in the way because it’s pretty automatic. It. is. AWESOME.

What do I mean by “establishing naturally”?

I observed how I worked and made slight adjustments. Through trial and error, I figured out ways to work in an easy, relaxed manner.

I.e. instead of going into my head and being like “I am going to do this, this, this, and this”, I just watched myself, figured out what I didn’t like or what slowed me down, and then went “how can I do this better?” and got inspired, then followed that inspiration. After a few tries, it became pretty clear how I was to do my work.

5.) I am most likely going to convert my stories to PDFs.

I have not liked the blog post-style layout for my stories. I think it just…looks bad.

I was journaling one day and I had this sudden inspiration to convert all the stories into PDF format! I even have an idea of the layout.

The PDFs will be read-only, until I get the on-site memberships going. Once I do, downloading them will be one of the perks.

I think it will be visually better for reading, plus it will let me add audio and keep it all on the same page.

6.) I am most likely going to work on adding audio to my story pages.

I’ve been wanting to add audio (i.e. an audiobook) version of my stories. This was something I had thought about for a long while now, since one of my goals is accessibility.

I was struggling with that though because I didn’t like how my stories posts were laid out. I actually think they would have made listening and reading annoying to do.

I think the PDF reader will make it a lot easier to embed audio, so you can better enjoy both at the same time.

7.) I am looking to work on building the on-site memberships between the beginning of July and the end of September.

This one is probably the one most likely subject to change, but based on my experience in January to March, plus what I am looking to do April to June, I think anticipating building the on-site memberships isn’t all that insane.

January through March: creating my story and art workflows. Getting used to writing stories and creating art again as soon as I know it’s time to take action.

April through June: creating my Rambles (blog/video/podcast) workflows. Getting used to creating rambles content as soon as I know it’s time to take action.

July through September: creating the on-site memberships. Understanding how my content trio (story/art/rambles) work together with the on-site memberships and how I share it with you.

I do not anticipate launching the actual memberships immediately, but rather setup everything behind the scenes in preparation for that.

When I DO launch, you will have the option of a free account and a paid account.

The exact details of this is likely to change based on what is available to me and what I am willing to do.

Both tiers (free and paid) will track your favorites and give you achievements for engaging within the Central Network (a.k.a. all of trainerkellysnetwork.com, minus my portfolio and pages branching off from that).

Paid tier will be $15 per month OR $150 a year. The perks of this tier are: ad removal, PDF downloads of stories, audio downloads, early access to all site content, exclusive rambles, and digital download discounts.

Again: this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

I only have the vaguest idea on how I am going to implement the on-site memberships and I am not 100% sure I am going to take action just yet.

I am anticipating it. But I am not certain.

Well, okay, I feel pretty certain.

I don’t know what comes after that though, but that’s fine because I will know when I need to.


I’m taking a month off to finish some lingering projects and write my next story (or stories). I’m looking to start creating more rambles, audio rambles, and videos as I feel inspired to do so, plus establish the workflows for doing them. I anticipate building my on-site memberships from July to September, but I may not launch the actual subscription just yet.

Thanks for reading!

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