[BUSINESS] Introduction to TrainerKelly’s Network

You’re here, so you probably get TrainerKelly’s Network is…something. You get I have a blog (if you didn’t, then how’d you get here?). You get it has something to do with me, trainerkelly.

But like…what exactly is TrainerKelly’s Network?

And what are the components that make it what it is?

I’m more than happy to answer that.

Homepage as of 09/20/2021

What is TrainerKelly’s Network, exactly?

My boring technical description is “it’s a publishing company”.

Yawn though.

I feel so stuffy and boring saying that.

“It’s this prestige publishing company, snob snob snob.”

Except it’s not prestigious at all.

Not to mention, I also feel like it’s misleading considering I have zero intention of publishing works that aren’t done by me (or related to my worlds…some sort of fan book is definitely not out of the question).

Using the term “publishing company” is really just a simple description for it, since this is where I’m publishing works I create.

To be more specific TrainerKelly’s Network is where I publish what I create to share with you.

Yes, YOU.

One of the things I love the most is sharing what I create. I love to create, but it really gives me life being able to share it with you and everyone else. Or I guess it’s technically the potential of sharing it. I feel so elated by the idea that you are looking at my work, even if I don’t have much indication that you are doing just that.

TrainerKelly’s Network is also a network itself of all the pages under my direction and ownership. This website (what you’re reading this on now) is the largest part of the network, but you can follow it to other pieces – all my social media pages and online communities. If you’re wondering where to find me, you’ll find me here in my network. Where exactly in my network is available on the homepage.

For simplicity sake, TrainerKelly’s Network is my platform where I make things and share them with you.

And what am I creating?


That is what I am creating.

I’m creating art (or as I prefer to say, illustrations), but that’s literally in direct relation to my stories.

Most stories I’m telling are fictional. Some may be highly symbolic. Others are just pure fun. Sometimes there’s non-fiction stories, which you’ll be able to read throughout Rambles.

Even though my primary content I’m creating are stories and the art that compliments them, I’m not opposed to publishing other creative works through TrainerKelly’s Network too. Heck, I’d argue my website layouts and graphics are also a part of what I’m publishing and creating.

I don’t really have a definite genre for my stories, since they kind of cover multiple genres. Most of them could easily fit under “fantasy”. Think though anime-style fantasy, rather than european-style fantasy (or maybe they’re actually anime-styled european fantasy or european-fantasy-inspired anime???). Seriously – my stories make more sense when you filter it through an anime/manga/light novel lens.

Most of the stories I’m writing are short stories, since that’s ultimately what I feel called to. There’s other formats too, but the bulk of it are short stories.

When will they be posted?

You can actually start reading the stories right now.





Yes, they are the rough drafts – the finalized versions are quite a ways off – but you can still read them.


Over on the stories portion of the site.

As I said though, they’re currently all rough drafts.

The cool thing about reading the rough drafts is that you’ll get to see how the stories transform over each iteration until the final one.

But when are the finalized versions being posted?

I actually have no idea at the moment – I just got started and it’s my first time writing so much at this rate. There’s a lot of experimentation and learning. It’s really fun, but I have a ton of questions that I’m currently finding out the answers to!

I can tell you this: you’ll know when I’m posting the finalized versions.

And who the heck am I?

I’m trainerkelly and this is my network. I make the things and then I share it with you.

Selfie of TrainerKelly

But that doesn’t tell you much. So, I have nice post talking about me (if you’re curious).


My goal was so you understood a bit more about TrainerKelly’s Network…and I’m hoping you do.

Seriously though, welcome to my network! I’m so happy to have you here, trainee!

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