[ORIGINAL WORKS | RAMBLES] Bedelia’s Story #2 is now available and I’m sooooo ready for a break

I just finished writing Bedelia’s second story – which you can read the rough draft right now over in the Stories section of my Network – about 20 minutes before it needed to be posted. I’m glad I did too – apparently I forgot to install the new SSL certificate to my site (OOPS) and I had some issues with WordPress’s word editor…so.

But I still managed to post it just before midnight.

Like, 3 or 4 minutes before then.

Which is cool.

When I originally wrote Bedelia’s Story, it was meant to only be in one part. However, as I kept writing, I could tell that 1.) it was going to be ~very long~ and 2.) there was a pretty clear breaking point…mainly ’cause Bedelia stopped having a ton of flashbacks to her childhood by that point.

So I split it into two parts.

I’m glad I did too.

The first part is 14,240 words and the second part is 25,149 words.

I’ll admit, I was kind of dreading coming back to this story. I wasn’t really even sure why I was originally dreading it, especially since I knew it was kind of almost done. Maybe I just wanted to hang out in Ghopre more, with characters like Clyde, Vainstrel, and Spark. I kind of realized upon further reflection that I had been writing it before my current writing process that definitely sped up everything.

Well, actually, no…wait.

Bedelia’s Story #2 is actually where I started implementing the process.

Basically, I copy the outline into my word document and put spaces between each point on the outline and write my paragraphs between those. When I finish with that point on the outline, I delete it, remove extra spaces when necessary, and keep writing (or stop…the outline points act like checkpoints). It sounds tedious, but it’s actually super effortless.

When I was writing Bedelia’s 2nd story though, I had just realized that might work out better than what I had been doing (copying and pasting the outline into ClickUp or referencing the outline from my actual document while writing), but I hadn’t fully gotten into the flow of it yet.

I don’t think it helps either that Bedelia’s story is just long.

I think it’s interesting.

But it’s looooong.

I don’t think I did Bedelia justice either – like, I don’t think her reasons for thinking Brent is leading Princess Angelica astray is really properly shown. At least, as of writing it. I haven’t actually read the story yet (I just wrote it), so for all I know, I did a fine job.

I actually really want to write a story about Bedelia’s youth all the way up to the point she becomes the Head Servant. I think there’s a lot of interesting things about Bedelia’s life that really shows how she got to be the way she is. I’d love to write following around Princess Johanne ’cause I know she’s a lot more aware of her own feelings than Bedelia is.

But right now…I feel kind of bored of Astral Isles.

“The Princess and the Servant Boy”, Brent’s Story 1, Brent’s Story 2, and the previously mentioned Bedelia’s stories all take place there. I actually think Astral Isles has a lot of very, very, very interesting things going on with it. There’s a lot that I like about it and I don’t mind writing the stories that take place there, but I just feel drained.

At the moment, I’m not sure what I am going to write next – I’m leaning towards another story in Ghopre. It’ll be available on the 19th of April, assuming I write it in time.

I think right now, I kind of feel like recovering.

One of the things I’m looking forward to is the editing process for all these Astral Isles stories that take place all around the same time, like the previously mentioned stories. “The Princess and the Servant Boy” is the first one I wrote, but as I wrote from the other perspectives, I really gained a better sense of how the characters act (especially Princess Angelica) and their ambitions and whatnot. I kind of cringe reading bits of “The Princess and the Servant Boy” because I already have ideas of how the story has changed based on everything else that I know now.

Like, I can’t even dismiss “The Princess and the Servant Boy” as following around Princess Angelica because I don’t even think it fully suits her characterization anymore.

I think that’s really cool though. And I’m excited and happy to show you the process of that when I actually get there. (Seriously – probably go check out the Cool Shiznit section at the end of this ramble so you know where you can follow me for when I do stuff like that.)

Oddly enough, I actually feel kind of inspired to work on outlines of additional stories. I actually have just over 200 plotted out and a list of 200 short stories I am working through simply because I want to gain a better understanding of my writing process. (I figured I’d have it down to a t by the time I write story 200.) But I have even more awesome stories just coming up and I feel excited to write those outlines, at the very least.

Maybe it’s the refresh that I need.

I wish I could describe the feeling I have right now regarding many of the stories taking place in Astral Isles. I probably would benefit from sitting with it. I might just be worn out because Bedelia’s stories were heading towards novella length and my body is probably just remember the feeling of dragging my feet while writing, since it was before I did the outline-checkpoint thing.

It’ll probably be different if I wrote stuff like that now.


I think I want to go back to Ghopre.

’cause Ghopre is probably my favorite place to hang out in my stories.

It’s one of the countries (like Astral Isles…it’s to the West) on my planet Kehllee, but it’s a very unique country ’cause it’s where all the things that go BUMP in the night live. It’s one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been to in story writing. Or really anywhere.

Not to knock Astral Isles.

I think Astral Isles is still interesting though.


I originally wrote this with talking about Bedelia’s stories in mind, but apparently, I just go off on a tangent about other parts of my stories and stuff.

That’s fine though – I call my blog posts “rambles” for a reason.

Thanks for reading!

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