Month: April 2022

[KMC | PERSONAL] A Day in the Life of TrainerKelly and Thoughts That Come Along with It – 04/28/2022

I swear the energy since yesterday has been all over the place. It’s been chaotic like harsh winds changing direction every 30 seconds. It started really when my husband accidentally spilled soda all over his laptop. It’s fine now for the most part…it’s just the webcam isn’t working and the keyboard is kind of sticky

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July is usually one of the hardest months for me and this year was no exception. I found myself able to work a lot more than I normally do, but it was a huge emotional roller coaster for me the entire month and I ultimately found myself feeling very angry and just wanting to SCREAM.

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[BUSINESS] Introduction to TrainerKelly’s Network

You’re here, so you probably get TrainerKelly’s Network is…something. You get I have a blog (if you didn’t, then how’d you get here?). You get it has something to do with me, trainerkelly. But like…what exactly is TrainerKelly’s Network? And what are the components that make it what it is? I’m more than happy to

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[ARTWORK] Filled with Gratitude

I wrote a ramble regarding how leading up to my birthday this year in March, I felt immensely thankful for myself, simply because I showed up. Because I showed up despite how I was feeling and after everything I’d been doing over the years, I was able to actually enjoy my birthday without the guilt

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