[KMC | Personal] The 14 Mind-Blowing Facts About TrainerKelly

Okay, so you know a bit about who I am, especially after my awesome little intro, right?


But…you’re curious.

You want to know more.

Well, these 14 facts will let you get to know me better.

14 Awesome Facts About ME

Fact 1: My name is Kelly Mulry

Yep, Kelly Mulry. My last name is said as “MUL-ree”. I can’t tell you how often my last name is misspelled: Mulrey, Mulray, Murray. Nope, it’s Mulry.

You can just call me Kelly or TrainerKelly. Or even TK. That’s cool too.

Fact 2: My birthday is March 10th

Yep, I was born close to spring, but still in winter. Hello, fellow Pisces!

Fact 3: I’ve been drawing since 3rd grade

I got started drawing because of the Powerpuff Girls – yes, the Powerpuff Girls. I watched the show quite a bit as a kid and felt inspired to create an original character named Rainbow. She had an outfit that contained green, pink, and blue (i.e. the colors of Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles) and was considered the 4th sister of the Powerpuff Girls.

I still distinctly remember a girl in my 3rd grade class telling me she could draw the Powerpuff Girls better than me and when she did and drew noses on them, I pointed out that they don’t have noses. if I remember correctly, she was floored and had trouble arguing against that fact…because it was true! And obviously, because my own drawings reflected that, mine were obviously better. 😜

My interest in drawing fan characters for Powerpuff Girls eventually waned as I started drawing fan characters for a particular series I LOVED – Pokémon.

Fact 4: And I’ve been writing since 4th grade

Okay, so, technically, I started doing a bit of writing in 3rd grade, but it was just a retelling of 3 episodes of Pokémon and some school assignments. In 4th grade, however, I started writing stories – both original and fanfiction.

Unfortunately, the stories from that time are lost. I attempted to distance myself from the original story as a kid to the point I chucked the back-up of it. As for the fanfiction, literally no idea what happened to those.

Fact 5: I’ve been doing websites since 4th grade too

A web page made in Microsoft Publisher from around 2001/2002 – I made it as a kid!
A web page I made as a kid! Made in Microsoft Publisher.

Yes! I’ve been doing websites since I was a kid too! Albeit, not very good ones. I used to make websites based on things I loved – my own stories, Pokémon, and anything else that interested me. They were made in Microsoft Publisher.

I think I was mainly influenced by my mom, who had her own website.

Fact 6: My anime personas are my personal archetypes

If you don’t know what archetypes are, they’re a recurring symbol/motif in storytelling. You can read a bit more on the Wikipedia page to start.

For me, my anime personas – Myself as the Creator and Myself as the Queen – are personal archetypes. They are personal symbols. They are typified with hard traits and I’ve used them to explore my own psyche, in addition to representing me in my art.

In real life, I’m a lot more fluid (my preferred pronouns are they/them for those who are curious – I’m genderfluid/genderqueer), but I find that in terms of working on myself and portraying myself in a more concrete form, having personal archetypes, personal symbols of Creator and Queen help me out a lot. I’ve even healed from old stories and traumas through exploring my mind with the help of them!

So, Creator is me and Queen is me. They’re both me.

Fact 7: Kelly the Dreamer is NOT Me

Kelly the Dreamer sticking out her tongue
Kelly the Dreamer is NOT me!

Kelly the Dreamer is NOT me.

Kelly (the character pictured above) is NOT me, regardless of her form.

My character, Kelly, is NOT me.

She is named after me, but she is NOT me.

My anime personas represent me, NOT Kelly.

If you take away anything, Kelly the Dreamer is NOT me.

Need more information? More will be revealed in the future!

Fact 8: I used to write a lot of movie scripts as a kid

Most of the stories I wrote as a kid, at least the ones I still have, were mostly movie scripts. I’m not really sure why either – maybe they were just easier for me to write.

Either way, there’s quite a bit of them and I’ve actually turned some I still have into stories, coming as soon as I write them!

Fact 9: I used to record a lot of videos too, mostly starring my younger sister

This goes with the previous one, but I used to record a lot of videos in addition to writing a lot of scripts. Sometimes they would star me, sometimes they would star Barbie dolls, but a lot of times, they would just end up starring my younger sister.

I think one of the funniest ones I watched involved me “dancing” (and by dancing, I mean kind of shaking my butt and putting my arm in my shirt and flapping it around for some reason…???) and I addressed my class at the time. My younger sister piped in that I sucked and I told her I didn’t.

As you might expect, I agree with my younger sister now.

Seriously though, if YouTube had been around when I was a kid, I would’ve SO had a YouTube channel!

Fact 10: I used to edit the videos too

I didn’t edit too, too often, but I edited when I could. The few times I could edit was with this little blue camera that came with editing software that was easy enough to hook up to your computer and import footage.

I think the camera might have been the Intel Play Digital Movie Creator.

I think I still have the movies somewhere. I remember that there was one where my younger sister was on roller skates and rolled back and forth while reading the script from my bed. I ended up putting a dizzy effect over her head. I think think there might have been aliens as well at a different point in the video.

It was fun.

Fact 11: I used to record myself voice acting and singing as a kid

I remember one day after expressing the desire to voice act and showed my friend the old voice clips I wanted to do, my friend remarked that I had done that since I was a kid!

I used do that quite often – I would record myself singing my own songs and reading the dialogue of my stories aloud and recording them. Whether or not I was good didn’t matter – I just recorded them for fun.

It’s kind of funny to me that I periodically voice act on my husband’s YouTube channel. As for singing, I used to record really fun parodies of pop songs in my Ash Ketchum (yes, Ash Ketchum from Pokémon) voice. I wanted to start doing ones in my normal voice, but haven’t really done any yet.

For your entertainment and my embarrassment, here’s one of the songs I wrote as a kid and me singing to it badly: “Cool Girl”.

“Cool Girl” – Kelly Mulry – 2001

Fact 12: I wanted to be a Pop Star as a kid, but then…

From 2nd grade to 6th grade, my dream was to be pop star! I wanted to take gymnastic and learn lots dancing and wow people with my amazing shows! However, experiences compounded over time: I didn’t like gymnastics. I didn’t like dance classes. My parents didn’t let me take voice lessons. I couldn’t read music. My attempt to play an instrument fell through because I didn’t know what I was doing and the only feedback I ever got was “read music”. I didn’t really enjoy music class in school. I was never told I was good at singing, but I was told other people were better than me.

The real killer though?

I got into Advanced Chorus in 6th grade. My voice was repeatedly getting sore and honestly, I don’t think my teacher knew how to properly warm up voices. She’s constantly repeat “singing pop songs is actually hard RiGhT?!” and I felt that if I continued, I would have damaged my voice.

All these experiences accumulated in me giving up on the idea of being a pop star and shift into something that better aligned with me – WRITING AND DRAWING! By the time my pop star dream faded, I was already deep in my love for anime and manga.

To me, being a pop star, being a singer, was just some childhood dream. I couldn’t be one – people said I couldn’t sing (even if that’s not what they actually said) and I didn’t enjoy music in school, so it’s definitely not for me.

Well, something started to crack in my logic when I took Japanese in my last year of high school and hated it. I knew something was weird with that – I wanted to learn Japanese for so long, I started picking up on things and enjoy it. But attached to school? Oh goodness! I hated it! But…but why?

I realized just because I hate something in school, it doesn’t mean I hate it in general. it just means I hate it in school. When it is attached to school. This completely shifted my view, including realizing that music is something I would have loved if I actually pursued it on my own and knew how to get started. I am very much a self-learner, after all!

Still, I knew the idea of me singing and making music was just a childhood dream and still not for me.

Until I went to a particular Madonna concert. I don’t remember which one it was, but I ended up realizing that my desire to sing and make music wasn’t just something my childhood self wanted to do – it was still a desire of mine.

It’s just the relationship is different.

Fact 13: I have an N5 Certification for Japanese

trainerkelly's Japanese Language Proficiency Test Certification N5

I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, level N5 (the lowest level). I had people suggesting I could take the higher level, but nah, I knew I couldn’t. I wanted to start with N5 and I could take the other ones later as I worked my way up.

I took it back in 2012. I actually paused studying Japanese in July that year in order to focus on other aspects of my life. I spent about a week at the end of November with my grandparents to study for the test, and took it close to my dad’s. I was the last one in there and ran a bit late, mostly because I couldn’t use mechanical pencils and literally all I use are mechanical pencils.

I remember by the time the test was ending, which was around the listening portion, my attention had waned. I kicked my ADD for not being able to pay attention.

I held my breath and eventually received the certificate – I PASSED! I also saw my results and…well, just as I thought, I failed the listening. Everything else was good enough though for me to pass.

I felt empty after receiving the certificate. It wasn’t rewarding for me to have in my hands. It just reminded me that I failed the listening and I paused learning back in July. Moreover, it made me realize I really don’t care about nor needed certifications to validate my skills.

Even to this day, I feel underwhelmed by all the certifications I have.

I don’t need them.

Fact 14: I used to make graphics & layout stories in books as a kid too

An old flyer of my younger sister and me that I had made

Back before I had access to fancier programs and used a Mac, I would use Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Publisher to create my graphics, my websites, layout stories, and create newsletters.

I think one of the cutest things I found was an old Microsoft Publisher file called “Flyer for JOBS”. In it, I advertised that my younger sister and I had a business. My younger sister was the “snacks” sister, I was the “digital sister”, and we both were the “craft sisters”.

I determined that was still mostly accurate, although nowadays, I probably would just use “sibling” to refer to myself.

I remember during middle school, during a class that was split between digital work and woodworking, we had to make business cards. When it was my turn to sit down and make business cards, I sat down, opened up Microsoft Paint and started working on my business card. One of the kids asked me what I was doing – I shooed them away. I finished my business cards not too long after with a custom picture I made in Microsoft Paint, while all the other kids used stock clip art in Microsoft Publisher.

The actual business cards!!! (I blocked out my old address and stuff that was actually on it. lol.)

My teacher was FLOORED. I don’t remember much of what he said to me, but I had expressed becoming a graphic designer and was encouraged to do so.

So, that was cool.

And…that’s ALL!

14 facts about me, holy crap!

You probably picked up on the fact a lot of what I do now, I did as a kid. Except I do it better now.


If you need a quicker introduction to me, check out my intro post!

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