[KMC | Personal] Do You Know Who I Am?

I’m sure you’re curious to know who I am, so let me tell you.

TrainerKelly (Kelly Mulry) smiling

I am trainerkelly. I am also Kelly Mulry. My pronouns are they/them and I’m genderfluid – so I’m really whatever the heck I am feeling for the day, although not usually cisgendered. (I also accept the term genderqueer to describe me too!)

So, this is probably obvious, but *I* am trainerkelly. Sometimes people get Kelly the Dreamer (especially in her Pokémon trainer form) confused with me, but nope – I am trainerkelly. If you’re looking to lightly annoy me, then that’s a good way to do it until I get used to it!

I’ve been drawing since I was in 3rd grade and I really got started writing in 4th grade. Prior to 3rd grade, I didn’t actively draw and prior to 4th grade, I didn’t actively write stories, other than maybe what was asked of me at school.

I absolutely love making things and sharing it with people, which does include you. I love this so much, that it’s actually in my bios on social media – I make things and share them with you! And “things” extend beyond my fictional stories and art – it’s more than that! It’s my favorite recipes, food I make, tidbits about my day, websites, and so much more. Buuuuut it’s primarily my short stories and art.

You can find my personal pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. If you love behind the scenes stuff and way more casual videos, definitely check them out!

I have two anime personas: the Queen and the Creator. They are both me. They represent different aspects of myself. Sometimes I draw them fused together, while other times separately. The Queen is me, the Creator is me, the two of them fused together is me. They’re how I show up in my artwork and throughout my website, unless I use an actual photo of me.

My Fused Self (Creator/Queen)

I hope this answers enough of who I am. And if not, well, you can read 14 more facts about me. And if that’s still not enough, deep dive into my other rambles – you’ll find even more!

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