Month: March 2022

[ARTWORK] Fused Self – Present

I drew this piece for the “Thankful for Myself” ramble. I wanted something that represented both sides of me receiving a gift. I don’t really remember necessarily what section I originally intended this piece to be used in, but I used it in the “A Thing to Remember” section. I think it was mainly because

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[KMC | Personal] Do You Know Who I Am?

I’m sure you’re curious to know who I am, so let me tell you. I am trainerkelly. I am also Kelly Mulry. My pronouns are they/them and I’m genderfluid – so I’m really whatever the heck I am feeling for the day, although not usually cisgendered. (I also accept the term genderqueer to describe me

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[ARTWORK] Party Frowner

I drew this for the “Thankful for Myself” ramble for the section entitled “I Don’t Deserve a Birthday”. Within that section, I talked about my relationship with my birthday prior to this year which can be boiled down to guilt about my own existence (something that isn’t prompted by anyone other than myself). I felt

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