[WEBSITE | UPDATES] Minor Updates for Early December!

Hey, trainee!

Have you been on the homepage recently?

If you have, you might have noticed that I made a few minor updates to it!

Minor Update #1: Latest Story Announcement

In the previous iteration, the Main Feature Box (that giant box at the top of the page letting you know that hey, my stories are free and available to read) simply just informed you that the story rough drafts were available to read.

Something bugged me about that though because…well…how are you supposed to know what story was just posted? And how were you supposed to tell when it was posted? How do you not know my page hasn’t just sat there the same for years on end without change or updates?

Well, I decided to solve that!

As long as Javascript is enabled and my site isn’t running slower than a snail’s crawl, it should display the latest story uploaded, along with the date and time.

Currently, it doesn’t look the prettiest, but it does it’s job – to inform you that there is, in fact, a new story available. For YOU to read!

Minor Update #2: Changes to “About TrainerKelly” Section

I made a few minor changes to the “About TrainerKelly” section.

I changed the size of the area so it was easier to read. Before it was just super long paragraphs and…I don’t know about you, but lolol I think that’s kind of annoying to read sometimes. Or at lot of times. I think it’s easier to read now, but kind of ugly…I am probably overdue for a new photo that could fill in that space!

The other thing is that I added my pronouns – they/them – to the introduction. If you weren’t aware, my pronouns are they/them. I’m just waiting for more people to notice them. (And me mentioning pronouns is NOT an invite for your two cents! If you don’t like it, BYE!)

Minor Update #3: Change to “Trainee Shoutout” Section

The “Trainee Shoutout” is a section at bottom of my website, right after my “about” section. It is dedicated to people who support me monthly. At the moment, people are manually added.

The date was manually updated…until now!

Well, technically a few days ago. 🤣

Anyway, it’s updated now to just display the current date and time when the page loads.

I’ll admit it’s mostly because if no one contributes anything at all for months or years on end, that looks really, really bad. 😅 I think it makes the site look really inactive, no matter how often anything else updates! As you can imagine, I don’t like that at all.

Sooooo…I changed it!

I’m actually really proud of myself because I didn’t really follow a tutorial to build it. I piece it together myself and it has shown how my learning of Javascript is paying off.

What’s Next?

Since I figured out how to do shiznit in Javascript to dynamically update the date, I’m actually going to go back and see if I can do something called “progressive enhancement” to numerous parts of my site.

Progressive Enhancements means that my site should just…work without Javascript.

Which, at the moment…it doesn’t quite do that.

But that’s because my mind couldn’t wrap around how to do that before.

BUT now I think I know what I’m doing.

There’s some other things too I’m looking to do too, but I’m going to hold off mentioning them until I get to them.

And no, I don’t think I’m going to make the dates look any better at the moment. There’s extra bits of coding to make that happen that I just don’t feel like doing right now.

Cool Shiznit for You to Do

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This is where you can help me out – let me know your question(s) about my creative process!

Submit your question(s) below. You may be the inspiration for the next ramble!

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