[ARTWORK] Sketch Dump Monday – Sketches from July & August 2021

Yes, I am starting a new series: Sketch Dump Mondays!

I had considered doing “Sketch Dump Saturdays” or “Sketch Dump Sundays”, however, I determined “Sketch Dump Mondays” worked better with my work schedule. I start my week on Mondays – mainly due to my tracker and planners starting on that day. I even changed my digital calendar so it matched the flow of my planners/tracker. I felt like any day before Monday would be prematurely posting the sketches.

Sure, “Sketch Dump Mondays” isn’t as cute a title. But that’s fine. I’d rather enjoy posting on a Monday than trying to post on a Saturday or Sunday and feel awkward because it doesn’t match my flow.

Anyway…you’re here for the sketches, not me talking about my work schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the artwork contains spoilers for the characters. If you plan on reading the drafts anytime soon, you may want to hold off looking at these!

Sketches of Characters from “Miracles”

If you don’t want too be spoiled, you can actually go read “Miracles” RIGHT NOW. FOR FREE. Then you can come back. Keep in mind, it’s just a first draft of the story and is 110% subject to change.

Mellany – Bust Shot

Mellany is the main character in my story, “Miracles”. “Miracles” is available NOW for EVERYONE! So, obviously, you are going to go read it right now, right? ;DDD

Anyway, I’ve had Mellany’s colors in my head for quite a while now. I think she has one of the coolest designs I’ve made in a long time – I really LOVE her half-shaved head. The side that isn’t shaved reminds me a lot of the kind of hair I was drawing during the late 2000s. She just looks SO COOL. I’m not 100% satisfied with her hair color and eye color, so I’ll probably continue to play with it until something clicks with me. Her necklace chain may change too, but I’m not entirely sure.

I’ve been wanting more non-white characters in my stories, so I colored Mellany with intention of looking as if she’s of Indian descendant (Indian as in from India, not Native Americans). However, she’s not from our planet – she’s from one of my planets, Kehllee. At the moment, I’m not sure what the cultural context of her area is at the moment — “Miracles” doesn’t really tap into that since it’s not relevant to the story. I’m excited to explore this in the future though! (…okay, so the other three characters in the story are white…so I still suck at this — eventually I’ll get there.)

Rose — Bust Shot

Rose is the second character in “Miracles” and is a mermaid with a rose motif. Yes — a mermaid with a rose motif! Why? Well…her name. Literally, her name is why. I thought it’d be cute to base her whole color scheme off of roses.

Her top is made of lace. I wasn’t really looking for it to be sexy, although I’m sure some people are going to automatically think sexy. If not for just the lace alone, then the black fabric underneath it (I may change it to green…not sure yet).

I LOVE her hair color. I love her colors in general. I don’t think there’s much I want to change.

Rose has some inspiration from my younger sister from when we were kids, although Rose is definitely not a kid, haha. I’ll get into it a bit deeper when I do some behind the scenes regarding “Miracles”.

Daltoneo — Bust Shot

So, his head is supposed to be titled down and he is supposed to be looking up, but I don’t think it looks like that, It looks like his head is squished instead. 😰 That sucks because I actually really love Daltoneo’s overall design. He looks like such a creep and I love every single part of him for it.

I think a lot of Daltoneo’s color scheme is subject to change. I feel like I went mostly with my default assumption for colors and I just find them…boring. I want to play around with color a bit more for him and see what I can come up with.

Daltoneo is loosely based on a childhood friend of mine & my younger sister’s. I’ll talk a bit more about it during some behind the scenes regarding “Miracles”.

Mellany – Ready to Punch

I wanted to draw Mellany being ready to punch someone. She’s actually a really good fighter, generally speaking. Whether or not she actually looks like she’s punching someone is another story and…honestly, I don’t really care if she looks like she’s punching or not. 😅 You’ll probably find I have a theme of “it doesn’t look like how I was planning and I just don’t care”.

Rose – Being Playful

Besides her arms looking awkward, I think this is kind of a cute picture. And you get to see Rose’s tail, for the most part! Oh goodness, the lace. Why did I have to do that. 😂 Oh well, it looks good anyway.

Rose has a pretty playful personality and I wanted to show that a bit.

Daltoneo — With Wand

So, Daltoneo is an evil wizard and his weapon is a plastic toy wand that helps him direct his magic. Yes – that is his wand’s design. There is a reason behind this and you will know when I do the behind the scenes.

Mellany – Fairy Star Pendant

Mellany’s family has passed down a bronze necklace containing a fairy/elven star. It’s a heptagram/septagram (i.e. a 7-pointed star). The most she knows about it is that it’s a family heirloom. You’ll learn more about it in “Miracles”. Which you can read RIGHT NOW! FOR FREE! (Did I mention that it’s FREE?!)

The pendant is floating in the air and glowing. Or at least, that’s the concept. But, lol, this isn’t colored, so you wouldn’t have any reason to know that…especially the glowing part.

Sketches of Characters from “The Princess & the Shark Boy”

The rough draft for “The Princess & the Shark Boy” comes out November 2nd, 2021. I sketched these not too long after I wrote the draft – I wanted some pieces to promote the story and just because well…I wanted to.

Princess Midnight Star & Nen

Princess Midnight Star and Nen

I started drawing this piece with Princess Midnight Star and her childhood friend/fiancé, Nen, after writing the story featuring the two of them. I just wanted to show a bit of their personalities – particularly that Princess Midnight Star doesn’t smilel much (she’s a classic overthinker 😂), while Nen is friendly and can be a bit of a twerp.

When I was working on this piece, I was going to color it, but as I worked on it, I realized I didn’t want to color – I just wanted to sketch! 😳 This actually surprised me a lot, as for several months prior, I just wanted to do pieces all the way through from sketch to color to effects. But not now!

I made the decision to go ahead and continue on sketching, which is what I’m doing even today – mostly sketching.

Princess Midnight Star on Her Bed

Princess Midnight Star on her bed

I wanted to try drawing Princess Midnight Star at a bit of a different angle, in different scenery. In this case, she’s in her bedroom. Similar to the first picture, I wanted to show how she normally looks – which is often frowning. She definitely deals with depression and she has the tendency to way overthink. Here, she is thinking about something that’s probably irrelevant.

I really like how this came out. I think I’d love to figure out exactly how her room looks like for another piece in the future.

Midnight Star Hugging Her Staff

Princess Midnight Star hugging her staff while on the ground surrounded by seaweed

Princess Midnight Star hugging her magical staff. She’s on the ocean floor with seaweed. I think her expression – minus her dealing with depression and overthinking – will make more sense once you get to actually read the story.

Princess Midnight Star Holding Her Staff While Crying Surrounded by Seaweed

Okay, so while this isn’t actually a scene in the story, I think it represents aspects of it VERY well, rolled up nicely into this one piece. I actually really love this piece. Even my husband looked at it and really liked it. He didn’t even make his usual jokes like he normally does, he was so impressed with it.

I think this is one of the coolest pieces I’ve done. I’m…don’t be surprised if I color this. I’m probably going to when it gets closer to the rough draft’s release. This is just WAY too cool not to. (I say..who knows.)

I think the lines may all be a bit confusing to look at, but it’ll make more sense in color.

Other Thoughts

Yes, I did quite a few sketches in July and August 2021! Do you like any one of them in particular? Which one(s) would you like to see me color properly? You should let me know everywhere I am (and where am I, you ask? Look at the section below!)

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