[UPDATES] THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT YET! All short story drafts are now FREE!

PLEASE NOTE: This post is was written in September 2021. The information may no longer be relevant. Please check out the current posts in Website, Business, and Rambles for more information. On-site memberships are also available.


Yes – you read that right – FREE!

No need to sign-up for Patreon and pay me $5 or more (unless you want to, of course).

Nope – now YOU can read my stories. For free. In all of their unedited GLORY!

Sharp-eyed trainees may have already noticed that “Miracles”, the first story I posted two weeks ago, has been available for free since September 17th, 2021. If you didn’t, that’s okay – you can go read it now.

Starting tomorrow on September 21st, 2021, the first draft of “The Princess and the Servant Boy” will be released. It’s the first one that will be released for free from the beginning! The rest of the stories released after it will follow suit unless I made a mistake somewhere.

The posting schedule stays the same – stories are posted every two weeks, starting from September 7th, 2021.


Why the sudden change?

It was just killing me inside, having a paywall in front of my stories.

It was killing me that my small, but somewhat active Discord server couldn’t access them because most of them are teenagers with no spending money.

It was killing me that only my Patreon supporters got access to my stories – not my Ko-Fi or Buy Me a Coffee supporters. If I had an on-site membership, I would only be able to do that one and not Patreon or the others…and I don’t like that!

Every single time I was promoting my works, there was this whisper in my heart “I’m not comfortable with this.” And why would I be? I’m putting up a bunch of red tape in front of my works, preventing access to the people who need it the most!

Every single time I would post something on Ko-Fi or Buy Me a Coffee regarding my stories, I felt strange…there is no reason why my people on there shouldn’t have easy access to my stories.

Every time I would mention my stories on my Discord, it didn’t feel right – my people should be able to read what I’m reading, regardless whether or not they are paying, and they should be able to do that now.

All of this combined with posting in a business support group I am a part of, I had this MASSIVE REALIZATION: SCREW THE PAYWALL, LET THE STORIES OUT! I WANT MY STORIES TO BE FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE!

I can hear you, trainee, even if you don’t realize it yet – you want these stories and I want to share them, so that is exactly what I am doing.

What prevented me from releasing them for free before?


Really, really deep fear and some delusions to try to curb people stealing the stories or thinking that they own the rights or an investor or something.

(For the record, I really don’t care if you take my ideas. But if you take it, don’t try to come after me because our stories are similar. 😤)

It’s also too that TrainerKelly’s Network is a monetized archive. It’s a business – and business isn’t actually a bad thing.

I was trying to compromise with my fear.

And it worked. It worked well.

If it wasn’t for the compromise, I would have never realized I wanted to release my stories for FREE, even NOW!

You pay what YOU want, if you want to.

I realized that I want you to pay WHAT you want, WHERE you want, HOW you want, if you want to (or if you can…I know not everyone can and that’s okay! ✨ There is no reason why you shouldn’t have access to my stories, even in rough draft form).

If you want to support me monthly, you can go pick one of the tiers on Patreon, Ko-Fi, and Buy Me a Coffee. I’ll work on getting some on-site recurring monthly support as well for those of you who would just prefer that.

If you want to just throw a tip my way for the amount of your choice, Ko-Fi and Buy Me a Coffee are PERFECT for that. I’ll also work on getting an on-site virtual tip jar of sorts.

Prefer merchandise? The shop will be back up when I know I’m ready. Sure, the merchandise has set prices, but it’s your choice whether or not you buy!

Would you rather just have me draw you a unique piece of artwork every month? Art commissions are back open NOW! (Yes, they are open.)

Can’t do any of that stuff? Just remove ad block and let ads run on my site.

Don’t want to do anything listed above? Just share links to everything and spread the word! Even if you, yourself, cannot pay money for anything, sharing and word of mouth can pay off HUGE in the end.

You pay the way you want to pay, if you want to pay.

All the financial support you give me helps to fund TrainerKelly’s Network. It helps to pay the bills. It helps to pay for groceries. It helps pay for all the figurative fuel to keep all of this going all day, every day. Heck, it even helps towards reopening the online shop!

Even if you are someone who is like “creatives shouldn’t be paid for their work” (I think that is complete bullcrap, but I’m not here to change your mind. 🤷), you can still read my works for free. You are welcome here, although if you could show support in other ways, that would be appreciated. 🌟

(And before the complain-y complainers complain, I’m already advertising and sharing and what not. Your shares are a VERY MUCH appreciated bonus to the work I am already doing. If you love my work – or any work of any creator – please share official links, like a URL to their website, places to purchase their merch, etc..)

Sharing because I want to SHARE WITH YOU

My whole thing is that I want to make things and share them with you.

I don’t want my stories behind a paywall.

I want them out in the open for all of you to read and interact with me.

I want to share them with YOU.

I’m so freakin’ excited for all my ideas that are coming through because I no longer have to work behind a paywall.

That was another thing that was driving me NUTS. I couldn’t figure out how to do all my content with a stupid paywall up. If I just did it for free, then it would spoil the short stories and people would just have to wait until they could pay and I just…wasn’t cool with that.


And now I can make a bunch of cool stuff about my stories and talk with you all and I’m so freakin’ excited and I MEAN SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED TO THE POINT I AM TEARING UP AS I AM WRITING THIS!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭 There’s so much cool content to make with my stories and since the paywall has been completely broken down, there is no barrier to entry.

I’m going to make content related to my stories!

But first…you gotta go read the first free story, now available.

I love to share, share, share, share, SHARE!! I also love to CREATE, CREATE, CREATE, CREATE!!!

I love and appreciate your support – from sharing links to throwing money at my face. I love and appreciate YOU! You’re amazing and I love you (platonic, of course lol unless you’re my husband).

Seriously though, thank you so much for stopping by and participating in TrainerKelly’s Network. I love you!!!!

Don’t forget to read “Miracles” now!

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