[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 09-15-2021

WHY: No September 14th Update

Honestly, there’s no September 14th update because I decided to work on something else that day…mainly because I literally had stayed up all night long and didn’t fall asleep until much later. Since I was technically still on “Monday” in terms of staying up, even though it was actually Tuesday, I was like “eh, I’ll skip over stuff today and work on something else”.

So…that’s why there was no September 14th update.

CONTINUED: Sheet of Mellany in Different Poses

I finished sketching everything on the two sheets of Mellany from “Miracles”! If you aren’t aware of what “Miracles” is, it’s a story I wrote that is available right now on my short stories site. It’s a rough draft. Keep in mind that it’s the very first draft and is completely unedited. To access it at the moment, you must be a Patreon supporter contributing at least $5+ a month.

Sheet of sketches with my character Mellany in various poses and expressions

My favorite one is the one with her funny facial expression. To me, it’s a “I don’t know what to make of this” expression.

A sketch of Mellany looking uncertain about something.


CONTINUED: Untitled Bedelia’s Story

You probably could guess, but I wrote more of Bedelia’s Story! It runs parallel to Brent’s upcoming story, which will be released at October 5th at midnight ET. Bedelia’s story is scheduled for December 28th. I think I’m fairly close to finishing it.


	A bell resounded throughout the entire castle. It's distinct twinkling immeditately signaled to Bedelia to stand up from her seat. She replaced her pen into the ink jar nearby on the corner of her desk, put down a paper weight onto the page she currently had open, and struted over to the door. She walked up flights of stairs and through corridors, finally finding herself in the foryer just before the throne room. 
	Her stomach tickled with anticipation of what was going to happen – several weeks had passed since she had spoken to them about her concerns, What could it be? Surely they would not be reprimanding me for my actions now. The slightest hint of a smile appeared on her face as she walked through the throne room door. 
	Arwinwalde immeditately sounded the horn. Bedelia did not even give him time to announce her presence beside from the horn – she stood in front of the King and Queen within mere seconds of entering. "Good day, your highnesses. How may I assist you today?" 
	The usually giggly, energetic King and Queen were far more stern. If Bedelia had to describe them, it was as if she was looking at the in-between of King Siegbert and King WIlibald. The excitement in her stomach turned into knots. She could feel the scars from her abuse as a child on her upper arms heat up, or so she thought. The out of character scene sent chills down her body. 
	"Good day," greeted King Engelbert. Although he was holding hands with the Queen, no smile appeared on his face. "We have a request for you." 
	A pause. 
	"Please send Brent to us immeditately." 
	The knots in Bedelia's stomach quickly untightened. Although an uneasiness hugged her shoulders by the rather solemn atmosphere, Bedelia could not be more than happy to hear the name of the servant boy. "Yes, right away." 
	"Once you send him here, you may return to your duties." 
	"Yes," Bedelia curtesied. 
	"You may go."
	Bedelia nodded, turned around, and immeditately walked out. 
	This must be it! This must be! 

CHANGE OF PLANS: Art Commissions (Site)

Ha, ha, ha, ha…

Remember how I was like “I’m going to pause my art commissions site” back on September 13th?

Yeah, well, since I was up literally all day on September 14th and did not want to do my normal daily task, I went “screw it” and went ahead and worked on the commissions site. 😅

I’m actually REALLY happy with how it looks so far, although it still needs a lot of work.

Screenshot of my upcoming art commissions site.

I even got testimonials!!!!!

I still need to put the testimonials on the site, tweak some Q&A stuff, add pictures, and create graphics (especially info graphics). I’m overall happy with what I did.

I actually even re-did one of my earlier pieces. While the sketching and shading is the same, I changed the base color to the image to white and COMPLETELY re-did the overlays and effects. I’m IN LOVE 😍!

Illustration of myself in my Creator form, drawing in the air.
I made some significant changes to this piece. You can see the original here on Rambles.

So, expect art commissions within a few days.

OTHER THOUGHTS: Something is Brewing

I had a really, really major realization today. I had some fear clear up and I realized I’ve been looking at things all wrong. I also realized that I’m really, really scared to do what I’m about to do, but I need it. It’s something that’s been resting in my heart. It’s something for you, trainee. It’s something for ALL my trainees – whether or not you ARE one yet.

I’ll be announcing what this is next week.

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