[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 09-13-2021

CONTINUED: Untitled Bedelia’s Story

I’m telling you, Bedelia’s Story will probably be divided into two parts by the time the finalized version rolls around. 😂 I didn’t write *too* much today because I sleepy and wanted a nap, but I did write something.

Here’s a preview:

	Bedelia awoke to seeing a note slipped underneath her door. A shock of panic overcame her for a brief moment, her head whipping over to the window. Immeditately she calmed down, seeing the warm hues of the mid-afternoon sun. I did not oversleep. She stood up from recliner and moved to the letter underneath the door. She opened carefully opened up the wax seal and pulled out the letter inside. A smile brief flashed across her face, receeding quickly into a stern frown. She folded the envelope and stuffed it into her pocket. She took one moment to look in the mirror to smooth out her appearance – several locks of her silver hair had become loose during her nap – and she walked out the door with such hard steps, the floor seemed like it could break apart any moment. 

You’ll be able to read this particular story on December 28th, 2021 at midnight ET if you’re a patron on Patreon contributing $5 or more per month. If you sign up right now, you’ll actually get access to the “Miracles” rough draft NOW! Speaking of which…

NEW: More Mellany Artwork

When I was scheduling my social media graphics, I ended up gaining clarity in quite a few areas. One of the areas is my need for more relevant character art, so I went ahead and made not just one, but two sheets full of artwork with Mellany from “Miracles”.

Well, I say “made”, but like…I only did the base sketches. I didn’t even do the details yet.

I’ll be sharing the finished sketches in Monday’s Sketch Dump! ✨

As I mentioned above, if you want to go read “Miracles” now, you can if you a patron on Patreon contributing $5 or more per month. You can learn a bit more about Mellany there.

OTHER: Art Commissions Site in Progress, But…

I started working on my art commissions website last week. Technically, I don’t consider it a part of this part of my network – it’s a part of what I call my “extended network” and is more of a side hustle thing for me, so I might not share it all that much within these areas, but rather on my personal pages. However, it IS hosted here on the TrainerKelly’s Network platform, so….I’m putting it here.

The prices for my commissions are as follows:

Regular (Single Character)$150
Chibi (Single Character)$150
Sketch Only-$50 (yes, minus)
Colored (Regular = Painted Dreams, Chibi = Cel-Shaded)Included in base price
Additional Characters$50 per character
Backgrounds: No BG, Single Color, Simple, Detailed, Extra DetailedFREE, FREE, $25, $75, $150
Complexity ChargeDepends on project
Art Commission Pricing (Regular)

I also credited packages for YouTubers and Influencers. For other types of people, like organizations and regular businesses, you will have to email me directly with your proposal and budget at hello@kellymulry.com. Anyway, here are the YouTuber/Influencer packages:

Single Test Sketch$45 + $5 per each additional character
Single Illustration$75 + $25 per each additional character
5 Illustrations$200 + $10 for second character + $5 for each character after that
10 Illustrations$350 + $10 for second character + $5 for each character after that
YouTuber/Influencer Packages

For YouTubers/Influencers, I do require CREDIT when possible (link in a description, “art by [my social media tag]” in the caption…stuff like that) and I must see where you plan on using it. You also must have a minimum of 100 followers/subscribers.

For all my commissions, I have the right to refuse and cancel (for a refund – full or partial depends on the work I’ve done on it so far) without explanation.

So…what is my “but” about in this section title?

While my commissions are definitely a 110% open, I have decided to pause on the website for now.

It’s started pretty well. As for actual content, I just need to make the YouTuber/Influencer page, then I get to style it, create sample artwork, and upload stuff. I feel like it’s pretty dang close to being done. I mean…okay, maybe not that close. There’s still a lot left to do, but it’s mostly easy.

Probably the hardest part is to implement some of the Javascript I’m looking to do. I guess it’s not “hard” since I finally have some idea of what I am doing, but still…might take me a bit. I was thinking of doing other, more complex things, but I’m not sure if I want to do that at the moment…maybe I’ll learn how to code more in Javascript first before I do that.

That’s not why I paused it though.

I paused it because I realized there was something else for me to focus on that was more important.

OTHER: Recommit & Observations


It started with finally getting to have a conversation with my mother about the current state of my website. She had informed me sometime last week that she didn’t like the flow of it and we both agreed to Facetime sometime soon so I could see what she was having issues with. Today was the day and she made very, very valid points that I’m aware of, but it seems that I’m headed into the right direction with some things I have upcoming.

After that conversation, my mind had cleared up and I could see that my desire – me pushing for art commissions – is coming from some place desperate. Do I want to do them? Yes! I want the challenge, I want the money, and mmm…who knows. Maybe I’ll actually be able to get a cool network of people who I can collaborate with in the future or something. I’m not sure.

Since the urgency of the art commissions quieted down, I could finally see that I was doing the “backwards” thing I do quite a lot. I get ahead of myself, so it’s time to come back down and focus on what actually needs to happen.

And what needs to happen?

I’m getting used to showing up for my ongoing activities, no matter what.

What ARE my “on-going activities”?

  • Yoga/Exercise
  • Journaling
  • Writing my stories
  • Sketching my artwork
  • Writing these progress updates

The best way to describe them is that these are activities that don’t end and I show up for them, ideally, at least once a day everyday, but once a day 5 to 7 days a week is just as good! I had been having what I call “divine downloads” for a while now to separate my artwork and stories from everything else I was doing and I only realized a few weeks ago what the heck that actually meant.

It meant to remove my stories and artwork from my “one-and-done” workflow and move them to on-going activities that I literally show up for most days. My biggest inspiration was definitely my journaling habit – I journal, most weeks, between 4 to 7 days a week, at least once a day, if not multiple times a day. I’m aware of this between the number of notebooks I go through and in my planner that I actually use as a tracker to record what I do during the day, rather than plan my day.

I see no reason why I cannot show up frequently to exercise, journal, write my stories, sketch my artwork, and write these progress updates. And I really don’t think there is a reason…I just haven’t built that habit/routine yet.

I also have been getting a “divine download” to color (or do artwork in general…???) on weekends, on Saturday and Sunday.

Between all of these things, I’m certain that I’ll be able to make more room to do other things, just because I know that I’m showing up for the most important things often enough…writing and art!

I’ve been excited about this, but I haven’t fully implemented it yet. I still find myself asking when I’m going to write and when I’m going to draw…um, me, I can do it NOW.

I’m still in a habit of trying to shove my writing and art in as a “one-and-done” activity, when it’s on-going. While the stories and artwork themselves have a beginning and end, I’m always showing up to write or to draw…or at least, that’s the plan.

I feel a lot more chill about this.

And I think this is SUPER important for me to do – because I need to be able to show up often enough so I’m not asking myself “when am I going to write/draw”. It’s also important because when I’m doing something like my art commissions, I am going to be weaving them into the times I draw during the week. If I’m not showing up often enough, then not only will my own art not get done, but neither will commissions!

So…yeah. You can see why I changed focused. I decided to recommit to the ongoing activities and Saturday & Sundays for coloring. I get to show up and do my work everyday…or often enough, anyway!


Today was the first day of my recommitment. I DO think the amount of work I did today is pathetic, but I decided to accept it anyway because I knew my mind didn’t really want to do it and I was sleepy. At least I did something. Tomorrow, I’m choosing to show up again.

For writing, I’m fine. That one is pretty straight forward to do.

For these progress updates, these are fine too. I can write as I go or write up after I do the thing (but my preference is as I go, after I stop the activity for today).

However, for artwork…I definitely went too overboard. I feel too rigid, like I’m not doing these for fun. I guess in a way, I’m not doing them “for fun” because I intend to use them as a part of graphics for social media, among other things. I think it’s important to detach them from that though. I’m going to practice letting go and allowing myself to have more fun. I’ve already decided on who to draw, so it’s time to just have fun.

I’ll let you know the progress and any further reflection/observations, if I feel like that is right.

Thank you so much for reading!

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