[UPDATES] INCOMING! 10 Cool Projects On the Way (and Here Right NOW) on TrainerKelly’s Network

Please Note: This ramble was written in September 2021. Information may not be to date.

I’m here to announce 10 (yes, TEN) cool things that are coming your way from here, my Network…if they’re not already here!!

Now…the Announcements!!!

Announcement 1: Writing Stories

Yes, you read that right – I have been writing my stories. Actually writing them. It took a long time for me to finally understand I’m meant to primarily focus on writing short stories, but I eventually got there.

I’m specifically starting with 200 short stories and working my way through those, more or less, straight down a list. The 200 short stories are divided up between 6 of my worlds. One of the worlds has 50 stories, while the rest have 30.

It’s been a really fun, experimental process and has uprooted a lot of old stories I used to tell myself. It’s been interesting shushing my inner critic who repeatedly tells me to stop because I suck, even though I’m super well aware I don’t suck. I’m regularly impressed with my old writing.

I’m SUPER excited to share my stories with you, which brings me to my next point…

Announcement 2: Patreon

$5+ tiers on Patreon actually get access to my SHORT STORY DRAFTS (available here, on-site)!

Which, by the way, you can access starting September 7th, 2021 (tomorrow!!!!)!

This came about because one of the things that has been killing me inside is not sharing my drafts with you. But I also know too I’m not comfortable sharing the unpolished drafts with the general public.

The compromise?

Let the $5+ Patreon tiers (so $5, $15, $25, and $50) all get access to the drafts.

Can you only do a dollar?

Don’t worry! You get exclusive access to the story artwork when I start working on that.

(The artwork you see in the draft posts is not story artwork…just artwork with the characters from the story.)

Finalized versions of the stories, including the artwork, are still going to end up FREE for reading here on TrainerKelly’s Network!

Patreon supporters, starting with the $5 tier also get exclusive merchandise after 3 months of support. Every single tier gets Discord perks and that good feeling of supporting me on my journey.

Announcement 3: Artwork Back Catalogue


I uploaded my back catalogue of artwork on both Patreon and Ko-Fi. So…CHECK. IT. OUT.

Or you know…don’t.

It’s up to you.

And honestly, you can check them out on here as well – just go to the Artwork category.

Announcement 4: Artwork Livestreams

I started doing these already, but I took a bit of a break. I’ll be returning back to it soon!

I don’t have a consistent schedule for these livestreams, so I highly recommend just subscribing to my YouTube channel to know when I’m doing them. I’ll, at the very least, announce them that day.

I remove the livestreams right after, but I’ll be uploading edited versions as speed paints, if I feel that is appropriate.

Announcement 5: Website

The website WIP – coming soon!

Yes, I have an update for the homepage coming AGAIN, but it’s BETTER THAN EVER!!! I pulled some vague inspiration from some of my favorite websites to create something that looked good and felt good.

I had to ask myself “if I went on a website like mine, what do I want to see? What do I like to see?” and worked it out from there.

And what you’re seeing is only phase 1. Get ready for phase 2 – coming soon to my Network. What’s going on with phase 2? You’ll just have to wait for another announcement.

Announcement 6: Social Media Scheduling

I have scheduled posts for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

I have three different types of posts going on:

  1. Recurring Posts – posts that show up with little to no variety;
  2. Scheduled Posts – posts scheduled alongside other kinds of postings (like a ramble or a YouTube video).
  3. Unscheduled Posts – these are posts that I do manually without scheduling them anywhere, including on a calendar. You can think of these as an “in the moment” sort of posts. You may see scheduled posts related to the unscheduled posts. (An example of an “unscheduled post” includes my progress updates that I’ve been posting.)

If you are reading this post right now and saw the link through social media, you’re actually reading a scheduled post now!

As for the actual schedule, it varies depending on the platform and how much content I am putting out. For example, I post far more on Twitter than I do anywhere else. The number of posts per week/per day depends on what I am putting out. Some weeks will be drier than others – I may simply be taking a break or working on a project that is taking a while and I didn’t feel like doing an update yet.

Regardless, posts are scheduled, so keep an eye out for ’em!

Announcement 7: Introduction Posts

I have some introduction to TrainerKelly’s Network and myself coming up! Super exciting stuff, if you ask me!

These introduction posts will be mixed into the rotation of scheduled posts mentioned above, so keep a look out for those posts as well.

If you’ve been wondering who I am and what my network is, these posts will answer them for you!

(Plus…I have 2 additional posts with 14 facts that go even deeper!)

Announcement 8: Even MORE Rambles

If posting story drafts and social media content wasn’t loud enough, I have even more Rambles coming!

Some of these posts – my favorite tools, my approach to my work, naming characters and titling stories – were originally a part of a large 12-week project, but I decided against it in favor of taking a more relaxed approach, so those will be up when I feel like putting them up.

Other posts, however, include the recent progress updates, art posts, behind-the-scenes of my stories, and so much more.

If you have a topic you would like me to tackle, let me know! Either in the comments below, on social media, or in the official TrainerKelly’s Network Discord server!

Announcement 9: Podcast

Yes, I have a Podcast coming up, called TrainerKelly’s Audio Rambles.

You can think of it a lot like these Rambles, except you get to actually hear my voice.

Sometimes the topics will crossover with some of the other posts on here. Other times, they’ll be standalone and the only written ramble that will go along with it is the announcement of the episode!

Keep your eyes and ears out for the very first episode – coming out soon enough!

Announcement 10: Newsletter

The newsletter is coming back! You can sign up now. I’ll be seeing you soon!


Aaaaaah!!! I’m actually really, really, REALLY excited for everything that is coming! I’m excited for you, I’m excited for me, I’m excited for both of us! I’m excited for you to get inspired. I’m excited to interact with you. I’m just…oh man, I’ve just been wanting to put these out for a long time now. I’m so curious about the synergy between everything.

I’ll see you back here next week – I love you!

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