[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 08-14-2021

ARTWORK: More “Miracles” Sketches

I decided to start the sketches for the day with the three primary characters in “Miracles”: Mellany (mel-LAH-knee), Rose, and Daltoneo (dalton-knee-oh). I actually did a Mellany sketch back on August 10th, so if you want to see her potential color scheme, you can go back and view that piece.

  • Rose (Splashed with Color)
  • Daltoneo (Splashed with Color)
  • Mellany about to punch
  • Mellany with Fairy Star necklace floating
  • Daltoneo with wand
  • Rose being playful
  • Rose sobbing and Mellany trying to comfort her

I definitely hit the point where I’m starting to remember how to draw at least Mellany and Rose pretty easily. 😂 Daltoneo is probably next. I’m pretty happy about that. I think they all have pretty unique designs for my characters, as far as my characters go.

I dig that Rose has pinkish-red hair.

You’ll be able to learn more about these characters soon – the rough draft of “Miracles” will be available to my Patreon supporters ($5+ tiers) in the upcoming weeks! You can sign up now for day one access!!

I am planning to do a few more sketches before I move onto another set of characters. I want to make sure the short story drafts have art of the characters sprinkled throughout to break up the monotony of the text as well as…well, let you see how the characters look. Some people may not care, but I do! I want you to see who my characters are and how they look in their entirety!

PROGRESS: Adding Illustrations to Stories

Screenshot of "Miracles" rough draft with sketch of Rose at the top of it.

Since the sketches are done, as seen above, I started adding them to the story!! They are not the actual illustrations that will go alongside the story. Those will be done once the final draft of the story is edited – instead, they’re just there to break up the text, as I mentioned above. I like seeing it, personally, as I scroll. If you don’t…well, that’s too bad. (Disable images or something…I dunno!)

You’ll be able to read the stories soon if you’re a $5+ Patreon supporter! As for non-Patreon supporters, you will have to wait. If/when I have the ability to include other sites (including on-site memberships), I will! For those who can’t or won’t pay, keep in mind that the finalized versions of the stories where everything is cleaned up and compiled nicely with illustrations will be released for FREE. I’m still a ways off from that though, so if you can’t wait (like I can’t, haha), consider becoming a Patreon supporter, if that is possible for you!

UPCOMING: Sketch Dump Monday

I was going to make it “Sketch Dump Saturday” or “Sketch Dump Sunday”, but I realized that just really messes up my flow, so I made it “Sketch Dump Mondays”. My work week starts on Mondays, mainly because that’s what my tracker, planner, and digital calendars are setup for. You’ll get the previous week’s sketches on Monday of each new week.

All the sketches (both the “splashed” color sketches and non-colored sketches) are going to be available in those specific posts with a bit more background on them than what I offer here.

They do not include full color pieces – those will be scattered throughout the week(s)/month(s) instead.

If you end up seeing a sketch you’d like me to color properly, definitely let me know! I’ll take it into consideration – at the moment, I’m focused on sketching with certain exceptions. But I do want to color some stuff! Eventually. >_>

Keep in mind that it may not be every Monday. If I end up skipping some Mondays, it’ll be a different Monday then. Either way, I’m doing a sketch dump.

What the heck IS “splashed color” sketches?

So, if you haven’t been keeping up with my artwork, I’ve been using sketch lines as my line art since around 2017. However, fully colored pieces with shading and all my effects that make it look pretty are not splashed color.

Splashed color sketches contain solid colors scribbled onto the sketch so I have an understanding of color. This is usually done for characters I haven’t colored in any piece of artwork and just want to see if their color scheme works. The color is flat and NOT colored in the lines (usually).

This contrasts with my regular style where I neatly create a white base and then overlay it with color. Splashed color sketches do not have the white base (different from the initial white background) nor is the coloring neat. You can see it in the screenshots above.

Haven’t seen any of my recent illustrations? Definitely check out the Artwork category! It’s usually the first place I put new illustrations. You can find additional postings on my deviantART, Ko-Fi, and Patreon.

CONTINUING STORY: Untitled Bedelia Story 1

Yep, I wrote more of Bedelia’s story today! To be honest, I actually think I might be splitting Bedelia’s story into 2 or 3 parts at some point during the editing process. I am keeping it as-is for right now just because I want to keep my list of 200 short stories only at 200. I can always change it later. It’s not that hard.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a ROUGH DRAFT. It is the VERY FIRST DRAFT OF THE STORY. It WILL have issues with spelling, grammar, weak sentence structure, unnecessary &/or repeated words, and numerous other issues. Critiques/criticisms, while appreciated, most likely will be discarded at this stage! Thank you.

 Bedelia was carefully combing over the paperwork of requests and events when a bloodcurling scream echoed throughout the castle. She cringed just as the screams faded back into the distance. She exhaled, as if that was going to stop her beating heart. What was that? She stood up for a brief moment, staring at her door, but quickly sat down again. 

 if it is something important, someone will inform me. She took in a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm her nerves. Soon enough, she was back skimming through the requests loaded up on her desk. She meticliously copied each request – clear, concise, and all the important details listed – to a notebook for further review.

 Bedelia found herself holding her breath as she stood up from her desk. "Come in," she called. 

 A middle-aged servant, several years younger than Bedelia, stumbled into the room, completely pale. Bedelia looked at him, feeling her heartbeat speed up again. She took a deep breath. "Jaan, what is it?" 

 "Lillian is dead." 

Untitled Bedelia Story #1 (Unedited First Draft)


This story will be available for Patreon supporters who contribute a minimum of $5 per month some time after it’s done. I’m still debating on the frequency of posting, so I can’t say for certain when it will be posted, but you’ll know when. Oh, you will know when!



I think that is all for now.

Holy crap, I’m doing stuff.

Talk to you later!

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