[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 08-13-2021

CONTINUED: New Homepage Update – Feature Boxes with Backgrounds

If you hadn’t seen the update for August 10th, 2021, I have been working on a new homepage!! I’m SUPER happy with it so far (although there are some tweaks I would love to make). One thing I needed to do was put pictures in the background of the Feature Boxes…which I did!

The upcoming homepage – it’s a work in progress!

I’m happy with how it came out, for the most part, although I do have some accessibility concerns. I can always comb it over again before I launch it, which will be when everything else is going up…which is not right now. In the upcoming weeks though! In the upcoming weeks!!

I had to change the font and the solid backgrounds since they were giving me contrast issues. Why doesn’t CSS have a proper text-outline feature yet? 😩 They kind of do with webkit, but it’s not an outline. It seems more like an inline! (If you’re like “trainerkelly, I have no idea what you’re talking about”, that’s fine…it’s web developer stuffs.)

The only thing I really have to add is some links in my “About” section and technically, the website is done. I just don’t want to upload it before I get the podcasts and stories rolling out! (The stories are only drafts and will be available to my $5+ Patreon supporters. Podcasts will be free, right from the start though!!)

FINE-TUNING: The Stories Site

I decided to go and fine-tune some aspects of the short stories site. You can access it now, but it’s currently a bunch of test posts, which will be removed once I actually start posting.

I added a large disclaimer to each of the stories (there’s only 8 stories completed so far) regarding the fact that they are rough drafts, unedited, and I haven’t even read them yet myself for the most part! I was inspired after someone started giving me feedback. I do appreciate people looking to help me improve my stories, but I am currently not looking for feedback – I’m simply looking to share! When I get to later drafts, once I’ve had a chance to fill things out and fix things myself, THEN you can give me all the feedback you want!

I also wrote up an About section for the Stories site so you know a bit more…well, about it. It’s mostly a long question & answer of stuff that might come up. You can check out the About section on the Stories site right now. I detail the kinds of feedback I’m cool with this early there too – as I said, my purpose is to share. A little bit of certain types of feedback helps to encourage me.

I also added a 100-word preview option, so you can see a snippet of what the story is. I would have done longer, but it doesn’t keep my formatting.


No. I’m honestly sleepy and just finished with a part-time job today, so I’m ready to hop into bed and read. I can’t be too mad though – I still think I did a lot for today and the next two days or so are arguably pretty easy, so I think I got this. ☺️ Next up is doing a ton of sketches. While they’re not the actual illustrations for the stories (that won’t come until I’m around the 4th draft or so), they’re related simply because of the characters in them. I think the stories need some artwork to break up the monotony of the text, don’t you? (Maybe you don’t…that’s okay too.)

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