[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 08-12-2021

CONTINUED: Untitled Bedelia Story #1

This is pretty much the only thing I really did today, mostly because Thursdays is technically a “break” day for me. At the moment, Bedelia is currently in the middle of a flashback to her teenage years. It’s definitely a long flashback sequence, but it’s definitely worth it, I think. Writing Bedelia during her teenage years – heck, even her childhood and earlier adult years (she’s like…in her 60s or something in the story) is actually super fun.

Right now though, I’m going to share a snippet that isn’t from her childhood, teenage years, or even her earlier adult years. It’s a several years earlier than my story, The Princess and the Servant Boy.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a ROUGH DRAFT. It is the VERY FIRST DRAFT OF THE STORY. It WILL have issues with spelling, grammar, weak sentence structure, unnecessary &/or repeated words, and numerous other issues. Critiques/criticisms, while appreciated, most likely will be discarded at this stage! Thank you.

Bedelia burst into the King and Queen's study, her face changing from almost green to a bright red. Her jaw was clenched and se couldn't help but sared intensely at the king and queen, who had looked at the door suddenly, clearly startled. Bedelia watched King Engelbert stand up from his chair, facing her with a sternness that reminded her of his grandfather, King Siegbert. Something akin to an electric jolt ran its way down the left side of her back, snaking its way down just short of her leg. 

Bedelia was brought back to the reality of her own actions. She curtsied. "I apologize, your highness for my rudeness, but I really must discuss this issue with the both of you! You surely will agree that it is most urgent!"
 "What may it be, Bedelia?" asked King Engelbert. 

Bedelia watched the king's face relax. All traces of King Siegbert were instantly wiped away. Her shoulders dropped. I am not talking to King Siegbert. 

Bedelia lightly held her hands together. She lifted her sternum and her chin, looking at the king with her own brand of sternness. "I was doing my cleaning checks when I witnessed Princess Angelica and that servant boy playing in the garden in a way most unacceptable! They were loud and giggling." 

Bedelia paused for a moment as a chuckle came from the King and Queen themselves. King Engelbert and Queen Pleasance both smiled. King Engelbert extended out his hand. "Bedelia, they are children. It is expected that they are loud and that their playing will produce giggles full of joy." 

Bedelia's lips pursed a bit more. "They were holding hands!" 

Queen Pleasance placed her cheek on her hand. "We are both aware they do that," she sighed. Bedelia could feel a pinch in her upper gut. 

Did she romantically sigh? Goodness, goodness me...

"And they were leaning against each other," stated Bedelia. 

Untitled Bedelia Story #1 (Rough Draft – First Draft)

This rough draft will be available to my $5+ Patreon supporters in the upcoming weeks! If you enjoy what you’re reading and you’re super curious to see more (as well as how the story will transform as I do each draft), come join me!! I’m super excited to share this with you, along with all my other stories!

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