[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 08-10-2021

CONTINUED: Untitled Bedelia Story 1

Bedelia is the Head Servant from my story, “The Princess and the Servant Boy” (you’ll be able to read the first draft soon if you’re a $5+ Patreon supporter). As I was writing that story (featuring Princess Angelica) and an alternate version (following the servant boy, Brent), I felt like writing about other characters related to that particular storyline.

At the moment, I’m not even halfway through the story. I’ve kind of been writing it in little bits and pieces.

Here’s a bit of an excerpt of what I wrote today:

 Bedelia nodded. She watched Lilac step out of the room. She turned back to the window frame and continued to trace down it. It really is almost perfect. Was this carelessness or improper use of equipment? 

 Bedelia stepped down from the stool. She bent at her knees and folded the stool back up. She grabbed it with both her hands and stood straight back up. 

 And then her eyes locked to two giggling figures playing away in the garden, holding hands. 

 The sight was like a large knife being dragged quickly down her chest. Her muscles tightened and her eyes narrowed.

 "I-I g-got the supplies, M-Ms. Bedelia." 

 Bedelia shoved the stool into Lilac's chest, who could barely grasp it with their arms. She didn't even look at Lilac – her eyes were too occupied at the giggling children outside the window. "Stay here and do not move – I will be back within 20 minutes." 

 She barely heard Lilac respond "okay" as she rushed from the room and down the corridors. 

 Untitled Bedelia Story 1 (First Draft) 

Keep in mind, this is just the first draft – so if the writing seems stiff or lacking of detail…that is why.

To be honest, I would continue writing it, but I’m sleepy and I have A LOT to do for August 11th, so…this was good enough for today!

MOSTLY COMPLETE: the Homepage Feature Box Art

I’ve been working on some artwork for the upcoming homepage, which I’ll be coding into the layout tomorrow. I’m really excited about it – I think the pieces look great! There is 4 of them total:

Myself (Creator Side)

Myself (Queen Side)

Kelly the Dreamer

Myself (Fused)

The pose in the last one was inspired by some suggestions that AT the Variety Channel suggested to me on Discord. (Come join us in my server!!! I love talking to everyone.)

I’ll post the individual pieces after the new homepage launches.

WORK-IN-PROGRESS: the Homepage

If you haven’t seen the new homepage progress yet, this is how it looks:

Don’t go running to the homepage of my network just yet though! It’s not going to be up until I get the podcast and short story drafts posted.

And when will those be posted?

They’re coming in the upcoming weeks.

I’ll let you know when I am going to have them.

“SHORT STORY DRAFTS?!?!?!?!” Yeeeeees! I have those coming up! Oh my goodness, I am super excited about this – and guess what? They will be available for my $5+ Patreon supporters. While the finalized versions of the stories will be available for everyone and free, the drafts are for paid supporters. I just love to share, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing the drafts with the general public – but with supporters? Oh, heck yes!!! If I can eventually provide additional ways to access the drafts, I will, but at the moment, it’s only through Patreon (literally because they have a WordPress plugin that can act like a paywall).


I decided to get back to sketching today and I already knew that I wanted the characters to be from “Miracles”, which you’ll be able to read the first draft in the upcoming weeks if you’re (you guessed it) a $5+ Patreon supporter.

Heck, “Miracles” is actually the first story I am going to release to my Patreon supporters.

Mainly because of that, I wanted to sketch the three most important characters from it. Since I have limited time today, I only did one: Mellany.

Mellany is probably one of my absolute favorite character designs I’ve done in a long time. I haven’t done anything with her in color yet, so I decided to “splash” on some color to sample what her colors most likely are. I. am. IN. LOVE.

Okay, I might still tweak her hair and eyes a bit (still not 100% satisfied with the colors), but everything else is gorgeous and perfect!!!

I won’t normally be coloring sketches like this – they will either be left in their no-color state or they will be colored properly. I might make periodic exceptions, like in this case, where it was of a character I haven’t really drawn and definitely haven’t colored before.

I’ll be doing sketch dumps at some point (haven’t decided on when…once a week…???). If you absolutely love one of the sketches and want to see me color it properly, seriously, let me know! (Where? Anywhere you can find me, including the official TrainerKelly’s Network Discord server!)

CELEBRATE: Suzzy-Ghost Queen is a Beta Reader

My longtime supporter and friend, Suzzy-Ghost Queen is now my very first beta reader of my stories! CONGRATULATIONS!! (You can congratulate her, if you’d like, in my Discord server.)

If you’d like to read them too when they come out, consider becoming a $5 (or higher) Patreon supporter – you get access to ALL short story drafts! $1+ Patreon supporters will have access to story artwork, when I eventually start doing that. I’m seriously super excited about sharing them with you and even more excited about you coming on the whole journey of getting them released!

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