[Original Works | Behind the Scenes] Concept, Doodle, & Sketch Dump – Rejected, Dropped, or Too Old

This post contains a bunch of miscellaneous doodles and sketches that I didn’t feel like putting into separate posts or felt like they warranted separate posts.

I actually forgot I doodled one of these, so I doodled it again, although I never drew the full picture (at least, not at the time of writing this). It’s meant to be my fused sized (Queen/Creator) posed in such a way to represent “balance” to me. The background is a circle with a triangle instead because that represented balance to me.

Circle = all-encompassing, Triangle = standing firm, balanced

This was one of many attempts to come up with Carwyn’s parents’ café. This is one of many things that honestly remind me I need to practice drawing objects and scenery a lot more – I don’t have enough mental input to come up with something I drew like.

This is one of my characters from Naitmaric, Christella. She’s looking behind her and there is a large shadow and the silhouette of a winged creature. This is a concept for a print of her I’ve had for a while, although I haven’t drawn it yet. Don’t be surprised if you end up seeing something similar to this sketch in the future.

This was meant to be a website banner for the Fairolk subsite. From left to right: Fiametta, Aere, Coral, Fenora, Deathena. Fiametta has her back turned to everyone else and is looking over her shoulder mainly because she genuinely does not like Deathena. I wanted to reflect that in the banner.

I think the poses are overall very fun.

This was supposed to be inside of the library in Hadley’s manor that Cian spends his whole day in. As I said, I’m very inexperienced when drawing objects and scenery, so I kind of draw a blank when it comes to designing stuff like this. I still want the library to be very tall and very packed, so I will most likely have something similar in the final design for Hadley’s mansion, including the library.

I absolutely ADORE this concept. I will most likely draw it as a full-blow piece. Bea Mawel was chillin’ on the beach in a cute bikini and suddenly, Lexia the mermaid pops up and greats them. Bea, who comes from a place that promotes that mermaids are fictional, as you can imagine, is pretty dang shocked to see a mythical creature RIGHT in front of her.

This reminds me that I want to do a bunch of stories of Bea traveling around and meeting all sorts of people and having meltdowns at the more fantastical beings that are around Kehllee.

Kehllee is one my planets.

A concept of Kelly and her friends dressed as pirates, although you would not be able to tell that from this piece. I was attempting to practice perspective here.

This was meant for a website banner.

I don’t quite remember what this was for – I may have just been testing out Clip Studio Paints 3D models that are used for drawing.

To clarify, I do not usually use them. And when I do use them I use them in a separate canvas as a reference, not as a base! (Although, to be honest, you still need to know how to draw in order to use them effectively.)

I LOVE this website banner as well! It was meant for the Naitmaric subsite.

From left to right: Hadley, Cian, Seirian, Victorina, Carwyn.

Hadley, Cian, and Victorina all came to Carwyn’s shop to eat some cake, after Victorina dropped off a basket of apple. Victorina is leaning over the counter, bragging about her apples. Carwyn, who loves pretty much everyone, actually finds Victorina annoying (they are both pretty self-centered in a bad way, just in different ways). Seirian, who just wants some cake, is raising her hand to get Carwyn’s attention.

I may bring this back one day for a full sketch. It’s too much fun.

Seamay spends a lot of her time singing. Her siren song is healing to many, especially to creatures. I wanted to portray that, so I sketched this piece.

Top-down view of Seirian on a tree.

Carwyn and Seraphim being cuties.

Seraphim working on jewelry in her home. I actually LOVE this sketch. The angle is interesting to me.

This was supposed to be Seirian looking down from a tree.

Seirian looking up from a tree.

Cian is writing in his notebook, while Victorina is chasing Hadley, probably because he did something stupid again like dump toxic chemicals on the plants again.

I think this was supposed to be Victorina for the online shop. I wasn’t happy with how this came out though, so I scrapped it.

Kelly the Winged one flying upward.

Cian and Deathena!! Okay, so, I started coming up with this idea when I noticed pre-blurb at the conventions that they were my most popular characters, that they meet at some point. I LOVE the idea of them meeting because thinking about death is something they think about a lot. I think they have a lot in common.

In this piece, Deathena is curiously looking over Cian’s shoulder, seeing what he is writing about. Cian is looking at her, wondering what this curious little fairy is doing.

An elf girl. She’s from my stories. She’s supposed to be Naitmarian, although I’m not 100% sure that is where I’m going to place her. She was supposed to originally be a shapeshifter who loves to portray herself as an elf, but I’m not longer certain of that concept, at least for her.

A bunch of headshots that were supposed to be used for character biographies on the website.

Year Completed: Various
Tools Used: Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Clip Studio Paint, or Affinity Photo

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