[Artwork] Queen, Dreamer, Creator – Special Project

In my 4th Creative Works update, I had shared pictures of progress for a special project I was doing:

This project was illustrations of my two anime forms (nicknamed “Queen” and “Creator”) along with new ones of Kelly the Dreamer. I wanted these illustrations to be used for merchandise on the online shop.

I wasn’t selling anything on the online shop and I knew I wasn’t going to be selling anything until I get my stories up. However, I did believe – and do believe – there is one way around this for the moment and that is focus on myself and Kelly the Dreamer.

Kelly the Dreamer is pretty much my mascot, so I can get away with merchandise for her. She’s also a variation on my longest, still active character, so anyone who has been checking out my stuff for a long time will probably be receptive to it.

My two anime forms, the Queen and the Creator, represent myself. I guess they are also my mascots, my personas. I figured if you like me and like my work, you may be likely to purchase merchandise with them on it, if you felt inclined.

Of course, my thoughts can be completely wrong. And that’s okay. They don’t need to be right. I just wanted something on my online shop.

Well, a bit over two years later, I am FINALLY showing the results of that work. I ended up using only one set of artwork in the end for the online shop – the bust shots – which I’ll explain why later.

The Bust Shots

I guess technically they’re mid-body shots, but whatever.

I designed these so I could put Kelly in the middle with my two anime personas behind her, looking in opposite directions. I wanted them to be able to be displayed in a single picture or all together in one.

I really like when I display them like this. I feel like it’s really representative of their roles in my mind. The Queen and the Creator are looking away from each other not out of opposition, but because they understand their roles in the team.

Queen Me is all about business and the more practical side, about getting things done. She’s the one who sees a grandiose idea, then figures out how to scale it to a doable reality. She’s determined, impatient, and moody.

Creator Me is all about making things. He is the one who sits and draws, the one who sits and writes. He comes up with grandiose ideas, but not always on a realistic scale. He’s also very laid back. If he isn’t in the flow of creating, he’s probably lazying about, much to the dismay to himself and the Queen.

Kelly the Dreamer is their in-between. She collaborates and guides Creator on what to draw and what to write, sometimes acting as his muse. For the Queen, Kelly the Dreamer is the stabilizing force that keeps her going.

Of course, reality is a bit murkier – Queen and Creator are my personal archetypes and just simply representations of my own fluidity in more dramatic forms. They’re helpful for me to work with when understanding myself, but the me in physical reality is much less rigid.

Regular Versions

Special Versions

I wanted single colour versions of my artwork for really no other reason than to put up on my wall. That’s exactly what I ended up doing as well – you’ve probably seen these versions up on my wall in the background in some of my videos.

No Editing

If you wanted to see the artwork with no fancy effects whatsoever…well, this is it. Just the plain artwork. Sometimes, it’s nice to see my artwork displayed this way. Other times, not so much.

I don’t think they look all that bad here.

Full Body – Non-Chibi Artworks

Out of all three of these pieces, the only one I genuinely liked is the Creator one. The pose is SUPER fun and I love how it turned out overall. It’s more or less what I was going for.

As for Kelly and the Queen…not so much. I have issues with both pictures. The issues entirely have to do with the faces.

The Artwork

So, my issue with the Queen is primarily the face. It’s honestly not how I would draw my own face in anime form and something about it is really off center – it’s definitely the right-side eye from our view. I’m also not happy with the scepter either, but that’s mostly because I don’t actually know if I could make exactly that in real life. Until I can make myself an actual scepter, I don’t want to draw it!

With Kelly, her face isn’t horrible, but I definitely would like it a bit tweaked. Some of Kelly in the orbs surrounding her, on the other hand…oh goodness, the faces ares bad. I would definitely fix those. Otherwise, I love her pose and I LOVE the orbs around her. The orbs represent just a few of the different roles Kelly plays or has played – not necessarily in her Dreamer form either! I guess you could say it’s the All-Kelly? Can you guess the different roles she’s playing?

For Creator Me, the concept was me sitting in the air surrounded by two floating computer screens. I would be drawing on one screen, while I writing on the other. Overall, I love, love, LOVE how it came out! If you look closely, you can see the artwork I’m drawing is the sketch for this one! There’s something fun and almost chaotic, but I think it’s a perfect representation of what I do!

I ended up doing two different versions. Unlike the bust shots, it wasn’t because I was creating a special edition version of the artwork, but rather I couldn’t fully decide on the background! I think originally, one of the pieces I liked with the white background, while the remainder with the multi-coloured one. However, looking back, I’m pretty sure I only like the white background ones. I think they look better.

The Unedited Artwork

I wanted to share the unedited pieces so 1.) you can see the colours as they original are and 2.) so you can see close-ups of the artwork for Kelly’s orbs!

The Full-Body Artworks – Chibi Style

Soooooo, unlike the full-body artworks that aren’t chibi style, I love all three of these pieces. However, I decided not to use them simply because I’m not using the regular full-body artwork. I may end up re-purposing them in the future for non-product artwork, just because they are so dang cute and it would be a shame to waste them!

The Artwork

I think I attempted to layout the chibis all in the same picture, but it never looked right, so I scrapped it.

Hmm…now that I think about it, that might have been another reason I dropped the full body sets. I couldn’t get the trio layout right.

The Unedited Artwork

I actually love seeing those orb artwork side by side…so, I guess I’ll display just one more gallery as a bonus, so you can see the comparisons between my chibi and non-chibi styles. I think it’s fun to look at. I hope some of you think so too!

Year Completed: 2018
Tools Used: Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo

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