[ARTWORK] Old Characters, New Sketches

One of my favourite things to do is go through my old artwork and redraw pictures. My second favourite thing to do is go through my old artwork, find characters I have either not drawn in a LONG time or only drew once and never again and actually redraw them. That’s exactly what I did here!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the pictures scanned in at the moment. Maybe I’ll upload them for a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday just so you can see the comparison between the two of them.

Top-left: I don’t remember if either one of these characters have names or not. I’m pretty sure that the guy on the left is a Shaman King fan character. I don’t know who the girl on the left is, but I want to say she is a fairy, whether or not that is actually true. Maybe she’s just a magical girl.

Top-Middle: The fairy with the music theme is named Musika. I don’t think the cat girl has a name. It’s really interesting looking at how much I’ve improved since I drew the original images – Musika’s outfit looks less skimpy in the original, while the cat girl looks like…I don’t know. She looks better in my redraw, but I don’t like her outfit all that much. It kind of looks like a cheap Halloween costume.

Top-Right: I can’t tell if the girl on the left was supposed to be “me”. Based off the character’s looks, she looks like she was at least based off a perception of myself at the time. Similar to Musika the fairy, the girl on the right looks a lot skimpier than the original to me. I think it’s a testament to how my skills have grown.

Bottom: Mindy Mitch is on the left, while another Shaman King fan character is on the right. Mindy Mitch actually isn’t even my character – she’s a character my younger sister made up as a kid and dressed up like once or twice before.

Do I plan on bringing any of these characters back?


Maybe not Mindy Mitch because she’s not mine, but the rest of them, sure, why not? I would love to revamp my Shaman King fan characters into original characters – I think I even know what story to put them in!

I’m looking forward to doing more picture redraws in the future. They’re usually a blast to do.

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