[ARTWORK] Fenora & Deathena’s Meeting

So, I literally cringe every time I see these pieces because during the time that I drew these, I was rushing to put together my sampler booklet and got it printed at the print shop I was working at during that time. I felt like my co-workers printing it were silently judging me for it, although that could have just been my own paranoia.

I’m not very happy with how these pictures came out overall, but I knew I rushed and I still wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to go about putting pictures in with my stories.

These probably would not see the light of day ever again if it wasn’t for Rambles because I genuinely do not think these are good pieces.

These were used for Deathena’s first story, which I put an excerpt of in my sampler booklet. The story wasn’t even edited, but it was the only thing I had written from my set of characters that was a regular short story, rather than a 1-panel comic. The formatting for these images wasn’t even reminiscent to how I would use them in the actual story.

I feel like such a little kid when I look back at these. Heck, I felt like that even when I was doing them. These were not showing my best skills, so they feel more like something that a child would draw, rather than an adult. It didn’t help either, as I said earlier, I felt like my co-workers were silently judging me – all who were significantly older than me – and I felt embarrassed on numerous levels. I felt like they were probably thinking that I was kidding around when I said I was having a business and my booklets looked like a joke or something…of course, as I said, that could just be my paranoia.

Do I really dislike everything though?


I like Deathena coming out of the leaves.

I like how Deathena and Fenora are standing across from each other, although the picture doesn’t look all that great.

Maybe one day, in the future, I will look back on these and think that they weren’t all that bad. For right now though, they make me cringe.

Year Completed: 2017
Tools Used: Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4

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