[ARTWORK] Creator Drawing in the Air

I noticed something after I uploaded a lot of my more recent pieces of artwork: there is a whole lotta pinks and purples. I know that’s because I was drawing both the Queen and Kelly the Dreamer, but man, I needed to balance that out!

So, here comes myself (as the Creator), drawing in the air.

My Creator side drawing with a tablet pen with lots of light

Now there is a lot of GREEN!

To be honest, I’ve noticed I don’t really like using green overlays like this too much. I don’t like the feeling it gives my pieces, but that’s okay. At least I know that for now.

I always imagine when my Creator side draws, my tablet pen has streams of light coming from it. It’s so if I need to draw something in the air and have it come to life, I can. However, when I’m just drawing on a regular tablet, there is no light because it’s going directly into something else.

There is is a little pink in this picture, but I think it helps to offset the rest of the image.

Not one of my ~absolute favourite~ pieces, but I still like it.

Year: 2019
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo

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