[ARTWORK] Chibi Bonanza!!

CHIBIS!!!! Or just chibi. Do you know what, I don’t know how we use the Japanese word “chibi” in English. Unlike words like “anime” and “manga” where adding an “s” to make it plural sounds odd (“I own a lot of anime” sounds more correct than “I own a lot of animes”), using the word “chibi” for both singular and plural sounds weird.

I decided to kind of just dump most of the chibi artwork I’ve done since 2015 into this one post because honestly, there isn’t much of it.

If you haven’t seen my chibi style before, It looks different from a lot of other chibi styles I usually see. I still follow certain conventions: for instance, to keep with proportions, I use three heads (if that makes no sense, it’s just an art thing) However, I made some decision with my chibi style a long time ago: mitten hands, no noses, rounded heads and feet. I think they make them look extra cute.

For Conventions

When I was preparing convention artwork, I knew I wanted to draw a whole bunch of chibi versions of my characters. I know a lot of people love chibi characters. I know some people love my chibi style (*cough*myhusband*cough). I thought they would be attractive…and I would say, yes! They are!

When I draw my chibi artwork, I always try to draw the characters in ways that reflect who they are. Based off what you see, what can you guess about the characters?

Coloured Chibi Artwork

Sketches of Chibi Artwork

Commission Examples

When I had my art commissions open, I wanted to show examples of my chibi style.

Rejected (?) Pieces

To be honest, I hesitate to call these “rejected” only because I didn’t look at them and go “nah, I’m not doing these”, but rather I never got around to them.

Nina & Midnight Star

I intended to debut both Nina and Midnight Star at conventions as part of my “second wave” of characters. Both characters have been around a while and Midnight Star, in particular, has a pretty well developed story and role in my overarching storyline. They also received two bust shot artworks that I never coloured.

I actually REALLY love their chibi artworks. To be honest, unless my artwork improves by the time I actually draw them in chibi form, I may just use these sketches. They’re very cleanly done and I think show off who they are as characters perfectly.

Nina (the one with the octopus and fish) is a princess of one of the many underwater kingdoms. She’s well-known for her love of all life, which often butts heads with her mother, the Queen, who could careless about the lives of her people. She’s best friends with Lexia, even if she finds Lexia very odd.

Midnight Star is also a princess, but from a different kingdom. She’s not the youngest daughter of the King and Queen, but she’s definitely down the line. She’s highly insecure about her hair, since she’s missing the waves the rest of her immediate family has. She’s very timid and quite shy, but has moments of courage. The star clip in her hair is a gift from her father.

Seraphim & Matison

Part of my second wave of artwork, I was aiming to debut Seraphim and Matison. They’re both Naitmarians. Seraphim eventually is Carwyn’s significant other and Matison is best friends with Seirian. Both of them are also black and would have started to add variety that my line up so desperately needs.

I really love both of these characters a whole lot. I’ll talk a bit more about them when I post up the other pieces I have of them, but I’ll kind of give some briefings about them here.

Seraphim (on the left) is a beach witch. She makes jewelry for a living. She also comes from a long line of healers that help people who suddenly find themselves on Naitmaric to integrate into society. She has a strong connection with angels, particularly seraphim (probably obvious from her name, haha).

Matison (on the right) is passionate about clocks and telling time. She comes from a family full of artisans in textiles, metalwork, and tailoring. She has learned a bit of all the trades to make her clocks. She’s a self-proclaimed time witch.


I don’t remember why I drew this chibi, but I like it a lot. It’s myself, in my fused form – Creator & Queen – bowing/curtsying. Similar to Nina and Midnight Star, I may end up using this chibi at a later point. It would make a great “thank you”.

Year Completed: Various
Tools Used: Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Clip Studio Paint

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