[ARTWORK] Carwyn with a Potion

I wanted to draw artwork that would work on Instagram with their square canvases, so I started drawing this illustration. As you can tell though, I never ended up finishing it. I just think I never really liked it.

Carwyn is looking at a potion he made, making sure it’s coming out correctly. As I’ve previously mentioned, he’s a master of love magic and often takes on requests. He’s serious about his craft – he always makes sure his stuff is top quality.

I think that huge thing in the golden orange-yellow colour with the blue is a huge stack of journals and papers. If you were looking at that like “I have no idea what that is”, well, so was I up until I decided to write this sentence. Carwyn’s sitting at his working table, which has stacks of papers and journals of all his learning, research, experiments, and recipes.

Year Completed: 2017
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint

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